Country Music Radio

A lot of Fans Have Been Requesting New Country Music From Older Artist and in reply we get They only play NEw Country Not Just NEw Music But New artist as well.

A lot of us feel that new country would not be here if it wasn't for our legends and some are still working hard to give us New music and if country radio doesn't play them We Loose Our Legends.

I like NEw Country But i like Old Country as well.

So let's Lobby FOR A MIXTURE of both.

Recently we found out that some radio Stations are only Playing new Country Music even though Old Country Has new Singles.

This is Unjust and we should let Country Radio Hear us.

If your favorite Singer Doesn't Get Radio Play That means They go nowhere On The Charts.

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The Stop Country Radio Replacing Old Country with New Country petition to Country Music Radio was written by Clinton Brown and is in the category Music at GoPetition.