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OK,Digimon season 1 good
season2 good
season 3,great(my opinion)
season 4 good
season 5 not so much!
Ok My question is.WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THESE CHARATERS!Agumon is no longer Tai's partner!0_o.If you think about it it's a waste,Renamon,impmon,veemon,gabumon,matt,rika, kouji , guilmon,hawkmon,gatomon,Davis,and all the other are classics,GREAT characters.They are all very origanal and cool.(those of you digihaters who think patamon looks lik pikachu,Please get your eyes examined).Anyways Im tring to say that why dose digimon use characters for one season then abandon them!?Renamonimpmon&all the digimon from season 3 are too good for 1 season,same gose for season 4. allthoguh Gaomon is cute,looks like Riolu in a weird way,(A non copying way.)I would love to have the old characters back,and the animation,anyone else think the new animation dos'nt match digimon.xD it's TOOOOOO much like all the other animes.BUT it' would'nt bother me as much if the old guys where back.

Sorry for typos im not feeling well so my typing sucks right now.

Please bring back the older characters.I miss the googles,they aren't in the season 5.Beleve me,I know.

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