Mission Vao is an annoying and useless character in KotOR, who's only real purpose in the game is the make you feel a more complete sense of accomplishment when you kill her towards the end. Canderous Ordo on the other hand, is pretty cool.

Canderous and Mission don't get along, so it would most assuredly be awesome and fitting to expand this, so they would eventually fight to the death. It would also give at least some reason to tolerate Mission's annoying presence in your party for any length of time, so you could have the pleasure of murdering her earlier.

We demand that BioWare create and release a patch for Knights of the Old Republic where if Canderous Ordo and Mission Vao were in your party at the same time, they would bicker.

Eventually, it would come to a full fledged fight, where you could either attempt to resolve the situation, or join either side to kill the other. This would finally give more of a reason to have Mission in your party, so you could kill her off quicker.

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