#Children's Rights
Youth Baseball League (U.S.A.)
Trinidad and Tobago

I am Trinidadian but I know a foul ball when I see one.

When this petition was written, Jericho Cross was nine years old when the Youth Baseball League said that he was banned from playing baseball. The truth was Jericho was an excellent pitcher whose only crime was choosing the team sponsored by Will Power Fitness over the defending team sponsored by one the YBL's administrators. Yes, the decision to ban Jericho from baseball is biased.

What kind of decision is this to ban an excellent player from a league like YBL? It is unjust, unfair and unbelieveable. Gifted players should be playing baseball with everyone else. Anyone who comes across this petition should sign up now and defend the child's right to play baseball.

Here's the whole story:

We, the undersigned, demand the Youth Baseball League to repeal the ban on Jericho Cross and let him play the team of his choice.

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