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1. Stop childcare at 41 Imbros St NUNDAH

Our objections include: 1. A childcare centre will bring increased noise and congestion to a minor road in a low residential area, 2. increased safety issues as the traffic will be at times when people are driving their kids to and from school and walking to school; 3. We have busy built up areas in Nundah such as Nundah Village, Rode Rd, Buckland and Shaw Rd, 4. There are numerous childcare centres in the area on Hamilton Rd, Nundah Village, Wavell Heights and Clayfield, 5. The facility on the corner or Sugarloaf and Rode Rd has been approved to become a major childcare facility, 6. There are a number of issues that the community are not happy with including the proposed medical centre on Bilsen Rd and general business development in Nundah, 7. People bought their houses in good faith based on town planning information that Imbros St was zoned a low residential minor road and 8. above all else we are not a business area we are a neighbourhood that knows each other and is connected to each other.

The Brisbane City Plan is a legal document which means that any decisions made regarding changing our low residential zoning or minor road status can be challenged. A proposed development of a childcare centre would change this.

2. Residents Opposed to Amplified Sound in Green Point Eco Park

The residents of Green Point and Mouille Point in Cape Town are happy to support numerous events in their neighborhood.
However, they are vehemently opposed to amplified sound or music in Green Point Eco Park which is right next to old age homes, numerous apartment complexes and houses.
Sound from this beautiful green eco park also travels to hundreds of homes further away due to the amphitheatre type layout of the region, weather patterns and the geology of the area.
Amplified noise is not only distressing to people but also the the animals and bird life in this family friendly park.
We respectfully ask the City of Cape Town and Event Organisers that any events with amplified sound or music be placed in one of the infinitely more suitable spots in the immediate area and not in Green Point Eco Park.

3. Support a Conservative Noise Ordinance Davie County

Implementation of a conservative noise ordinance understanding that all neighbors have needs.

Allow neighbors to support a peaceful environment during times that help the residents provide adequate sleep for schedules to promote successful school and work career functions.

1) Weeknights noise ordinance after 9:00 pm
2) Weekend noise ordinance after 11:00 pm

4. Reduce Holland Tunnel Traffic & Noise

Excessive noise from honking and engine noise are caused by long waits in daily bumper-to-bumper traffic leading to the Holland Tunnel, specifically on Watts and Broome Streets.

The condition is exacerbated during rush hour, late at night and early in the morning, when one of two outbound lanes in the Tunnel are closed by the Port Authority for ongoing maintenance. Drivers block the box during these times to those traveling up 6th Avenue, leading to full gridlock that can last for hours. This also means crosswalks are blocked for pedestrians, forcing them to jaywalk through dangerous traffic conditions.

In addition, drivers routinely lean on their horns en masse for extended periods of time. At best, the noise can be described as "a low murmur of thousands of engines," and at worst, an incessant, aggravating chorus of loud honks.

Enacting effective solutions to these issues will alleviate the severe distress this noise and air pollution can cause, improving the quality of life for all nearby residents, workers and patrons.

5. Mt Cootha - Quiet Please!

Despite numerous calls to Indooroopilly Police Station & the ‘Hoon’ line over the last few months, an email and phone conversation with a staff member at Steven Miles’ Office and a call from Brisbane City Council staff, no effective measures have been taken to address the problem of people using the Botanical Gardens as a meeting point for road races, and / or the daily racing up and down the Mt Cootha Rd.

I find this noise pollution very intrusive in the evening and am usually unable to sleep until the early hours of the morning because of it.

My complaints about this to date have been quite ineffectual in reducing this disturbance. I have therefore decided to mount an online petition for local residents to sign and forward it to:
• The Queensland Premier
• Dr Steven Miles (Mt Cootha Electorate) Minister for Environment and Heritage Protection and Minister for National Parks and the Great Barrier Reef
• Jane Prentice MP, Federal Member for Ryan
• Peter Matic (Brisbane City Councillor for Toowong)
• Graham Quirk, Lord mayor of Brisbane.

I intend to forward the petition to the above on Sunday 15th May. Should you wish to sign the petition before this date, and / or know of other local residents who are similarly afflicted and would like to do so, please do, and / or pass on the relevant information.

Many thanks,
Bruce Mackie.

6. Start using "Quiet" Fireworks. Help save a vet!

Many veterans as well as civilians and animals suffer from the loud noise of fireworks.

There is no reason to have the thunderous noises that fireworks cause distress to sufferers of PTSD everywhere.

Please sign this and share the idea with those in your local government. Lets start a movement as well as a discussion. Maybe we can alleviate the stress that many people suffer on some holidays.

The "Quiet Fireworks" are beautiful and just as thrilling if not more so than loud ones.

7. Eden For Airport Noise Abatement Windows

This petition is for collecting signatures from the residents of the Eden subdivision. We are requesting that noise abatement windows be provided, due to the fact that we live very close to the airport.

The airplanes can be heard overhead, and the noise-proof windows would help decrease the noise immensely.

8. STOP HART/Kiewit Noise Abuses Honolulu

Honolulu HART/Kiewit has been running EXTREMELY noisy construction equipment, starting about 10:00 pm and often running until 3:00 am, sometimes as close as 18 feet from a residential bedroom. This is absolutely inexcusable.

We have residents with unstable heart problems. Repeated, very stressful sleep deprivation is very dangerous to them. For the rest, the danger of falling asleep behind the wheel is real and frequent, as well as seriously impaired performance on our jobs.


9. Sound barrier for Highway US 80 West

The traffic on Jr. Allen has been gradually increasing for the last 5 years, which could be directly related to the increased development in the Midland area and the increase in tractor-trailers using this route. The Traffic noise is a nuisance for residents situated along this Highway, particularly the ones located on Mayo Dr. Columbus, GA. 31909.

The residents would like a sound barrier put in place to reduce the noise coming from this very busy highway. The trees planted between the homes and the highway serves little purpose to reduce the noise because they are not dense enough to reduce the noise.

10. Stop the Habersham Mills area gun range

This petition is to stop and/or relocate the proposed gun range in the Habersham Mills area.

We believe this is a violation of the noise ordinance in Habersham County.

11. Stiffer Regulation on Commercial Videoke Bars and/or Relocation of these Establishments

For years now, videoke or KTV bars have proliferated the whole stretch of Bay-bay Boulevard. And for the same number of years, residents of Baybay Blvd. and its vicinity have been inconvenienced and are still suffering from disturbance due to this proliferation. And to think, we and our ancestors have been residing in this place long before these bars sprouted.

We, the residents of Brgy. A have had more than enough and we see that it is high time that we take a fitting action for our community’s sake.

12. Reinstate the Anti-Noise Laws in Florida.

In late 2012 a Judge overturned the noise laws in Florida. Police now cannot arrest a person for a loud exhaust or for playing loud music from their car. This affects every person that uses roads or lives on a road, basically everyone.

Whatever happened to DISTURBING THE PEACE and trying to live in peace? The rights of the tax paying public is being trampled underfoot to accommodate some street racers and public exhibitionists.

Please stand up and sign up.

13. Downsizing Veolia’s operation at Hollingdean Depot and the nuisances caused

Our request is for The Environment Agency to take a proactive role in protecting the amenity of residents living near the Hollingdean Depot site: Round Hill (to the south), Ditchling Road (to the west) and Hollingdean which suffers the HGV movements (to the north).

The Environment Agency’s current complaint-led system of logging what it calls “incidents” may well be suited to one-off events such as the dumping of dangerous chemicals in rivers etc. However, the language of “incidents” and requests for troubled residents to rate objectionable odour on a scale of 1 to 6, are inappropriate in relation to nuisances which are repeated day after day. These nuisances originate from poor location, inadequate site area for satisfactory building design & landscaping, and operating hours stretching into parts of the day and week where residents would like a rest from industrial noise. The Brighton Society describes Veolia’s installations at Hollingdean Depot as "basic metal sheds, the cheapest form of building". These sheds echo and rumble, amplify bangs, and have never been able to contain odour during hot (&/or windy) weather conditions.

A fundamental change to the terms of the “licence to operate”, set by The Environment Agency, is needed to rectify such permanent flaws.

DEFRA (the Government’s Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs) advises that where food waste cannot be prevented, anaerobic digestion (AD) is the best environmental option currently available. Before winning their contract with Brighton and Hove City Council in April 2003, Veolia (then known as Onyx) declared its intention to build an anaerobic digestion plant at Pebsham, Bexhill. After the contract was awarded, the anaerobic digestion plant was conveniently dropped. Ten years on, it may be time to re-visit food waste collection (as already performed successfully in London Boroughs such as Hackney) and anaerobic digestion at a plant located well away from homes and gardens.

The terms of Veolia’s “licence to operate at Hollingdean Depot” could also provide incentives to take noisy glass-tipping to a different site. Brighton and Hove residents are already asked to separate glass from other recyclables before it leaves their homes. Currently, noisy glass-tipping takes place in Hollingdean Depot’s Waste Transfer Station, and not in The Materials Recovery Facility. It would seem that this function could also be transferred to a site where it is unlikely to cause nuisance.

14. Reduce truck traffic on Anderson Mill Rd

Rock Quarry on Anderson Mill Road and 1431 has been causing problems for many years for residents. While the number of blasts they can do per day has been limited to 2 but number of trucks that go in and out of quarry has no limits.

These trucks avoid using US-183 and use residential roads in Cedar park like Anderson Mill Road and Lakeline blvd. The trucks start coming as early as 6:00 in the morning and continue until 7 PM almost non stop every weekday. It has been a major cause of noise pollution.

There are residential houses that backs to these roads. The residents have been complaining about noise from trucks and their engine for a long time. Its high time to take an action.

15. Reduce Marine Sound Pollution

Our planet's oceans have become a very noisy place. Places like New York and LA no longer compare to the noise pollution of our oceans. This increase in noise has caused many hundreds, if not thousands, of marine animals to die from stranding themselves on beaches to dieing from organ failure and bleeding in the brain.

Links for research:


We need to preserve the Loma Alta Creek area and protect it from excessive noise and pollution. Waste Management Inc. (WMI) already has truck services and equipment delivery and offloading at their site next to the creek.

WMI has proposed to expand it to a 24-hour Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) pumping station. The existing operation is already too loud and disturbs the endangered Gnatcatcher habitat and the sensitive Loma Alta Creek area.

It also affects the sleep, health, and quiet enjoyment of residents and negatively impacts home property values, too. With the added, constant operation of massive CNG compressors, the noise will be unbearable!

The hearing is scheduled for March 27th at 5pm at Oceanside City Council, 92054.

17. No to Service Station Near Maleny State School

IGA (Maleny) has applied for a Material Change of Use to build an 8 pump petrol station and chemical storage facility on 19-21 Bunya St within 40 metres of Maleny State Primary School's classrooms.

Apart from the obvious safety and pollution concerns, being so close to developing children's brains, it is at the entrance to Maleny on a street that has no other industrial developments. The traffic at school drop-off and pick-up times is horrendous, indeed, it is thought to be one of the most dangerous school approaches in Queensland!

Furthermore, the sheer scale and position of the proposed development does not fit in with the town character, which is broadly traditional single-storey timber buildings set back from the roadway with muted earthy paint colours, no major company signage of the scale of a service station exists in the town.

18. Boston's on the Beach and Sandbar Need Your Help

To all our friends at Boston's and Sandbar,

The City of Delray Beach recently revised the noise ordinance which essentially eliminates any music at Boston's on the Beach and Sandbar. The revision is intended to reduce noise in the downtown district.

Boston's feels there is a happy medium to be reached between the old ordinance and the new ordinance. If you feel you would like to see the ordinance modified and the previous, and reasonable applied, then PLEASE CONTACT the members of the City Commission and the Mayor TODAY!

Thank you for your support!

The Crew at Boston's, Sandbar, and 50 Ocean;;;;

19. Deck 84 Needs Your Help

To All Deck 84 Patrons,

The City Of Delray Beach recently revised the Noise Ordinance, which essentially eliminates any live music at Deck 84.

The revision is primarily intended to reduce night time noise in the downtown district. Deck 84's bands play on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

If you would like to see this ordinance modified to where it goes into effect after dark and the previous, reasonable ordinance applies during daytime hours, then please contact the City Commissioners and Mayor today!

Their e-mail addresses are listed below.

Thank you for your support,

The Crew at Deck 84,,,,

20. Noise contol notice for 16-22 Willock Ave Miranda

The cleaners for 16-22 Willock Ave Miranda use blower’s and vacuum packs in their garage every tues/wed and Friday mornings.

Due to the layout of the buildings surrounding the pool of our complex (which creates an ampitheatre effect) the noise is amplified. The noise from these cleaners starts from anywhere between 7am – 9am that continues on for anywhere between 1 hour to 3 hours.

This is unnecessary and excessive use of powered equipment in a high density residential area. This noise has an effect on over 100 residents, as there are at least 3 street addresses directly affected by the noise.

The definition of offensive noise in the POEO Act is noise:

(a) that, by reason of its level, nature, character or quality, or the time at which it is made, or any other circumstances:
(i) is harmful to (or is likely to be harmful to) a person who is outside the premises from which it is emitted, or
(ii) interferes unreasonably with (or is likely to interfere unreasonably with) the comfort or repose of a person who is outside the premises from which it is emitted, or

(b) that is of a level, nature, character or quality prescribed by the regulations or that is made at a time, or in other circumstances, prescribed by the regulations.


The Navy has submitted a plan to increase air operations over Kaneohe Bay in Hawaii. They intend to bring in the MV22 (Osprey) more helicopters and P8 Jets (modified 737s). Many residents are concerned about the safety of the MV22 as there have been several reported mishaps and the aircraft has been grounded in Japan.

There will be increased noise pollution by having more aircraft fly more frequently. The environmental impact statement they prepared failed to acceptably address noise issues using computer modeling instead of actual measurements in the affected community. Given the topography, a bay surrounded by mountains, their noise evaluation is flawed.

The Navy failed to adequately address the public health issues and the effects of noise on our children. Studies have shown that learning is impaired by noise. There are several schools located in the area that are impacted now.

22. Exchange Lofts Noise Petition

This petition is to pursue GreyStar Management for the excessive noise in addition to the multitude of other issues residents have in relation to the massive exterior construction that is taking place for the next 6-8 months.

23. BC Noise legislation needs to change

Local Government Act in regards to noise uses the word individuals with an "s" and the word persons with an "s" meaning that a person living alone cannot complain about excessive noise.

24. Stop Increased Night Flights at Toronto Pearson Airport

The Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) which operates Pearson International Airport is seeking a "modest" increase in the number of flights that takeoff and land at Toronto Pearson between 12:30 AM and 6:30 AM.

While this request would be to the financial benefit of the airport and airline carriers, the detriment to local residents in the forms of sleep disturbance, other health effects and lower property values significantly outweighs any perceived benefits.


An initial petition and comments were submitted to Transport Canada, the Minister, MPs and local officials in mid-December. An updated petition was also submitted on January 22nd.

We will keep the petition open until a final decision has been made by Transport Canada.

Thank you once again for your support and comments!


25. Awaken The Sleeping Beauties

The Sleeping Beauties were a short-lived rock band, based in Canberra. The three piece band dabbled in a select range of influences and sounds, including psychedelic, blues and Japanese noise rock, their lyrics flirting with surreal images of frustrated and demented figures.

The Sleeping Beauties' revival awaits on the original guitarist's say-so. If you are at all interested in the band, wish the band to return to live performances, or merely wish to support us on a whim, please sign this petition. If you want any copies of our music, feel free to email me at . Visit our Triple J Unearthed website,

Here is a video also:

26. Stop Loud Noise And Nuisance Music After 9 pm at night

Loud Noise and nuisance noise from ATV, Motorcycles,Car Stereos, House Stereo systems. ATV and Motorcycle riding with loud exhaust systems Waking up neighbors and their children all hours of the night. Riding Small Children with no Helmets and riding on the county roads, Endangering the riders of the ATV and Cycles also the riders in the cars.

27. Lower Noise Pollution in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

The level of Noise pollution in Ahmedabad, Gujarat is beyond all permissible limits set by the Government of India.

This is creating adverse issue on the health of the citizens and hence affecting the overall society.

28. STOP Intrusive Floodlights at Arbolitos Sports Park - Poway, CA

Arbolitos Sports Field was created in 1996 when it became necessary to create a detention basin to prevent flooding south of the current location of Abraxas High School. The Sports Field was created in the process of grading the detention basin in what was originally an open space nature preserve. To secure the cooperation of the local residents, The City of Poway promised that the the Fields would be for DAYTIME USE ONLY and that FLOODLIGHTS would never be installed there for nighttime lighting.

Sports boosters attempted change this agreement in 1998, at which time a REAL LIFE lighting test showed the ADVERSE IMPACT on residents around Arbolitos Park that would result from lighting the Arbolitos Sports Fields, (you could easily read by the light) leading to the proposal to light Arbolitos Park being dropped.

With recent changes to the Poway City Council membership, sports boosters are again trying to go back on previous understandings regarding Arbolitos Park. In response to the renewed request, the Poway City Council directed Study Reports for Noise, Lights and Traffic if FLOODLIGHTS were added to Arbolitos Park for nighttime use. The results of the studies were presented at a Neighborhood Meeting on July 7th. City Staff is updating their analyses and will present their recommendations at the Poway City Council Meeting on September 7th. Significant SHORTCOMINGS were identified for the TRAFFIC, NOISE, and LIGHT Studies during the presentation at the July 7th Neighborhood Meeting.

A MAJOR SHORTCOMING of the studies was that they relied heavily on computer modeling with results that do not match the real world experience of neighborhood residents. Other issues with the current direction being taken for Arbolitos Park include the incorrect assumption that IMPACT OF THE FLOODLIGHTS would be restricted to only a few residents on Crestwood Avenue, the potential loss in property values has not addressed or considered, and the promises made by Poway Youth Soccer to cover the cost of the lighting Arbolitos Field are not enforceable, leaving the expense to be paid for by the City of Poway. City Staff have stated that the City would DIVERT THE NECESSARY FUNDS from other operations budgets to cover any funding shortfall.

Further review of the study results have shown there are other shortcomings with the proposal to add floodlights to Arbolitos Sports Fields, including determination if installing floodlights would violate agreements with FEMA regarding the detention basin, whether the Arbolitos fields could stand up to the proposed additional use, and the effect that lights would have on local wildlife. The renewal of the proposal to light Arbolitos Park is a BREACH OF TRUST with Arbolitos residents by the City of Poway and highlights a CONCERN FOR ALL RESIDENTS near any of Poway’s neighborhood Parks. Lighting neighborhood parks will SERIOUSLY DAMAGE Poway resident’s QUALITY OF LIFE and threatens to turn Poway, “The City in the Country” into just .....a City.

29. Prohibit use of J-Brakes by Trucks on Country Club and Ninevah Drives

Heavy load-bearing trucks frequently use Country Club Dr. and Ninevah Dr. as a shortcut from 276 to 23/74. They must frequently use J-brakes to make the stop at the intersection of Country Club Dr. and Ninevah Dr., due to the speed they are traveling and the decline of the road at that intersection.

As this is a mountainous, residential area, the noise from these J-brakes reverberates for great distances and is very disruptive to the peace and quiet of our neighborhood.

30. Stop the loud music that keeps us awake

Since April 2007 we have been kept awake over most weekends, public holidays and long weekends due to loud music coming from Clermont. The music generally continues until 5am the following morning.

We have been reporting these incidents to Metro Police, Emergency Services and SAPS to no avail.
We know that the music is coming from taverns in Clermont yet when Metro Police is phoned to tell them about the problem they deny that the taverns are even open.
We have proved them wrong on many occasions. The music then carries on and our complaints aren’t dealt with,
The taverns reportedly have permits which stipulate conditions but they are not being adhered to.

It is not just the neighbourhood of Cowies Hill being affected but most of Clermont too.
Clermont is notorious for being very dangerous at night and if taverns are allowed to blatantly break the law it will continue to be a dangerous place for all who live there.