Arkansas Highway Department
United States of America

Interstate 540 was built through an area by West Fork Ar, that is populated with several homes. The level of sound has increased tremendously. The loudest vehicles that drive through the area are the large trucks using "Jake Brakes" as they cross a bridge passing beside our neighborhoods. In many areas the sound is so loud that a conversation would have to wait until the truck would pass. The noise pollution from the highway could be greatly reduced by banning "Jake Brake" use on all down hill slopes near populated areas. Many areas post signs restricting Jake Brake use. Excessive noise from I-540 could also be reduced by installing a sound deflecting fence to direct noise away from houses. Evergreen trees planted along side the road before and after bridges could also reduce the noise that echos through our homes.

Residents with houses and property have lost property value from the undesirable sound that surrounds their homes. Excessive highway noise also contributes to residents stress, loss of sleep, and blocks out natural communications of native animal species normally heard in Arkansas forests.

We residents of West Fork, Ar. request the Arkansas Highway Department to address the excessive noise levels from the Interstate 540 North bound traffic approaching the exit 53. "Jake brakes" should be banned on the down hill slope crossing the "Bullard Creek" bridge and to the exit 53 overpass. All feasable methods of reducing the noise from I 540 need to be adopted to protect the quality of life along the I-540 corridore.

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