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Firearm noise suppressors are used in countries like Finland to reduce noise pollution and to protect the hearing of people and animals. These devices are not weapons, and should not be treated as such. Most suppressors reduce noise levels from a level that would cause hearing damage to a safe level. If a criminal wanted to commit a nefarious act with a firearm, they wouldn't go through the trouble and expense of buying a registered suppressor, when they could build one easily and for very little cost. The waiting period for a legal suppressor is around 3 to 6 months, and there is a $200 transfer tax. Suppressors, often referred to as "silencers", do not make firearms silent, they only make them safer. Also, suppressors reduce recoil, providing a great benefit for those who cannot handle heavy recoil.

In Finland the government encourages the use of suppressors to reduce noise pollution, hearing loss, and the number of hearing aids the government has to buy. Before congress passed a law restricting suppressors, using a suppressed firearm was considered the polite way to shoot.

Firearm noise suppressors are the most effective means for protecting the hearing of hunters, their animals, target shooters, and anyone in the vicinity of a firearm that is being fired. Restrictions on suppressors, which are hearing protection devices and noise pollution reducers, should be removed, including restrictions on manufacturing, transferring, possessing, use when hunting, and taxation.

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