#Neighborhood Living
Mr. Joe Corbin, County Commissioner
United States of America

Recently a local resident has begun to play their music at excessive levels during the day and night. This has caused many of us residents to not enjoy a nights rest or to enjoy our own domain due to this noise.

We, the undersigned residents of Lashmeet, hereby request the elimination of excessive and needless noise produced by unnecessary speakers at and around personal domiciles. This excessive noise pertains to all unnatural sounds that continue not only through the day, but the night as well. These bedlams leave us residents unable to complete a nights rest while also making an evening outdoors very unpleasant. We the residents of Lashmeet ask you, Mr. Joe Corbin, County Commissioner, to help restrain the noise to respectable hours. By doing so, we believe it would create a better living environment for us residents and make this a better community to live in.

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