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A new Canadian R&B/pop Boy Band that are called 'Unknown', consists of 3 members: Brandon Paris, Steve Cox and Dana Jorgensen. Unknown is very talented and dedicated to their music. They keep in touch with their fans closely. Basically, they are very good at what they do. The band has many fans all across Canada and the US so far. As a fan, I see them working hard and trying to achieve their dream. Fans have been promoting them all around concerts,malls and schools. It's not about Money, its about doing something they love. I agree that they should open for WAVE on March 2nd/02 in Commodore (for all ages). Please sign this Petition,regarding that They should open up for Wave. Help Unknown to achieve their dream. For More info on the guys, check out: http://www.Unknown3.ca Thank you.
Mehregan A.

We, the undersigned want Unknown to open for WAVE on March 2nd/02 in Commodore.

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