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Interscope Records

This petition has been formend by fans of rap music's fallen star, Tupac Shakur, in disgust at the minimal levels of promotion by Interscope Records for past posthumous Tupac album releases such as 'Until The End Of Time' & 'Still I Rise'. As a collective we demand higher levels of advertising for the next yet-to-be-titled Tupac double-album (due march 2002).

As supporters of 'Pac's legacy, we wish to see:

- Highly imoroved levels of mainstream advertising through TV & Publications.

- Commercially released singles world-wide (US included).

- Promotion packs, including stickers, flyers, posters etc. to be distributed to volunteer street teams world-wide.

- At least three high quallity music videos to acompany CD singles.

Signing this petition against Interscope Records takes us one step closer to achieveing fair backing from the label to promote Tupac's music to the largest audience possible in its best form.

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