#Human Rights
Immigration and Naturalization Service
United States of America

This petition is ban Polish citizens from entering the United States on grounds other than the political asylum.
Republic of Poland is in strong violation of the basic right of emigration.

We ask Immigration and Naturalization Service to ban entry visas for Polish citizens by the method administrative on the grounds other then the political asylum according to Geneve Convention (compulsory military service). The Republic of Poland is forcing recipients of higher academic degrees for military service on higher rank level to corrupt them without their
will with NATO military secrets.
This is in direct conflict both with European Citizenship convention allowing the freedom of citizenship and emigration as well as article 170 of Geneve Convention. Evading Adademia with military is direct violation of United States Constitution
Polish state employees visiting United States are proved to send explicit threats to legal residents of
the United States with Polish
origin related to military service.

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