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1. Peckham Pride says driving while black is not a crime - DROP THE CHARGES against Roger!

During the recent powerful Peckham LGBT+ Pride demonstration on Saturday 18th February 2017 against racist immigration raids, deportations and the racist state violence that has intensified since Brexit; police arrested a local man for ‘Driving while black,’ despite the loud protests of demonstrators and by-standers. This provocative, racist action occurred just off Rye Lane on Saturday 18th February, as hundreds from LGBT+ and migrant communities marched together in a show of unity.

Many people from the Pride march and the community gathered to protest Roger’s innocence and demand his release, but the officer called for ‘back up.’ Roger was pushed and shoved in front of many witnesses until he was dragged off to Walworth police station, where many people from the demonstration gathered for an angry protest, demanding his release. He was released in the early hours, charged not with any driving offence but with ‘assaulting a police officer’. The police escalated a situation to justify their harassment and have concocted a charge to cover their own harassment and assault of Roger.

Peckham Pride was a vibrant demonstration of unity against racism, immigrant-bashing and anti-gay prejudice. We say, ‘An Injury to One is an Injury to All.’ We demand that the racist charge against Roger is dropped immediately

2. Mohajir Province In Pakistan

We are the descendants of the founders of Pakistan, but we have no identity in Pakistan. We have land for millions of Muslims in the name of Islam, but we are without land ourselves.

We gave sacrifices of over 2 million lives for making Pakistan, a reality in 1947 and we offered sacrifices of seven hundred thousand more lives for saving Pakistan in 1971, but still we are not recognized as true Pakistanis. It has been more than 64 years since the creation of Pakistan, but we are still called as the Mohajirs in this land of the pure. We are addressing you with high hopes.

We are confident that you will look upon the descendants of the founders of Pakistan with kindness. We hope this because Pakistan and the Mohajirs are inseparable from each other. The Mohajirs are the true defendants of the Ideology of Pakistan, and their salvation lies in the survival of the country. The more this bond strengthens, the stronger and more prosperous Pakistan would be.

The patriotic forces should get united for the survival and security of the country, particularly at a time when the country is faced with internal and external threats and when the perpetual enemies of Islam are bent upon destroying the fortress of Islam that Pakistan is. It is all the more necessary to get united when the history also bears out that the number of people wanting to disintegrate Pakistan is more from within the country itself.

The Mohajirs are against all those that are working against the country for their vested interests by carrying out terrorism, spreading chaos and anarchy, and those who are busy in weakening the ideological boundaries of the country on the basis of language, religion, and culture. The Mohajirs have strong feelings for the country, and they have the courage to lay down their lives for the survival and security of their country just like their forefathers. They are no less powerful against these forces, whether working for a Greater Afghanistan in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, people wanting a free Balochistan or those having the vicious aim of transforming Sindh into a Sindh Desh, than the armed forces of the country and other patriotic forces against the elements conspiring against Pakistan. They only need a chance to prove their patriotism.

3. Stop the immigrant invasion

Immigrants are always getting what we as AMERICAN CITIZENS have never gotten.

I will stand my ground and never back down. I know what i believe inside and I know my rights of speech.

4. Bring Martyne Payne back Home to NZ

Martyne Payne a hard working man moved to NZ in Nov 2005 with his family and worked hard to establish a business where he has hired locals and is held in high regard by his community.

He has been deported from NZ even though his family is here now and his thriving business will suffer where he has paid large taxes to the Government continually since his arrival and turned a local garage that was not thriving to one that is now successful and employing people .He is not a strain on the tax payer and we feel that on moral and compassionate grounds that the Minister allow him to return.

5. Stop Illegal Immigrants' Detention Centre Northam WA

The Federal Government, under the leadership of Julia Gillard, has decreed it will construct a $165 million illegal immigration centre to accommodate 1500 able bodied male illegal immigrants, at the disused army facility in Northam WA. This equates to $110 000 of our money per illegal immigrant and that is just for their accommodation! This decision was reached without consultation with the people of Northam or the surrounding townships or shires.

It seems incredulous that, in a State which not only suffers severe water shortages and restrictions both summer and winter, but whose population is also asked to refrain from using air conditioners and other “non essential” electrical appliances during peak summer conditions , we would be forced to accommodate this vast number of resource consumers. Miss Gillard assures us the benefits to the local communities from the increase in commercial growth this illegal immigration centre will provide, should more than compensate for the copious amount of our precious water these illegal immigrants will shower and flush away each day.

Miss Gillard also fails to mention how many of our other resources these illegal immigrants will be exploiting. Not only do these people avail themselves freely of our water and electricity, they abuse our welfare system, medical services and law enforcement facilities. They then proceed to bleed our church and welfare groups dry. Time, effort and resources which would otherwise be used to assist our own aged, needy or less fortunate citizens will now be siphoned off to the illegal immigrants.

It is even more incredulous that despite the deplorable shortage of medical and aged care facilities, not to mention law enforcement amenities within this State, the Federal Government can find the funds and inclination to complete this project within a mere eight months.

According to a media release from the AMA in November 2005, the Eastern region was promised a new 326 bed hospital in Midland. “To its credit the Government has decided to build a new hospital on the old Midland workshops site and save most of the services provided by Bentley Hospital. These decisions will ease the concerns of thousands of families living in the region. Construction on Midland Health Campus is set to start in 2012 with the new hospital scheduled to open in 2015.”

In May 1999, the Midland region was also promised a $42million Police Operations Centre. To quote the Ministerial Media Statements website “Construction on the Midland operations centre is expected to begin next year. The facility, within the Midland Workshops Precinct, will consolidate operations support functions from 11 locations into one facility to optimise operational efficiency and effectiveness.

The centre, which will accommodate police communications, forensic, traffic operations and other divisions, is due for completion in 2001-02.”
It appears the people of Western Australia can wait with baited breath for the infrastructure to sustain acceptable living standards while supplying the rest of the country with seemingly unlimited bounty from the resources boom. It is to be noted that despite her best efforts, Miss Gillard could find no suitable sites to house such vast numbers of illegal immigrants within the vicinity of Canberra.

This petition is not about racisms or xenophobia it is about protecting Western Australian culture and ensuring a sustainable future for our State. Please add your name and signature to the list to ensure the future of our State and our Australian way of life.

6. The Faces of Our Food Supply

There are approximately 400,000 children and youth working in agriculture in the U.S. The majority of these are foreign-born and without parents, access to health care, and suffer regular food scarcity.

These children and youth lack access to a regular, stable residence to obtain an education.

These children and youth fear the loss of temporary shelter and food, and therefore do not frequently report labor abuses.

7. Migration changes and visa capping – more consideration to those affected

Note: This legislation is about to be approved. Please sign and forward this to your friends all over the world. (You will have no repercussions by signing this even if you are temporary residents)


There have been unprecedented changes in migration and related laws which resulted in great panic and uncertainty. We note that there are more substantial changes to come.

On 26 May the Senate has referred the “Visa Capping” Bill 2010 to the Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee for inquiry and report and once it moves to get passed during the winter session of the Parliament it could become a new law before the federal election.

The writer appreciates the need for change and to streamline the process, but is alarmed at the lack consideration for human life and for lack of transitionary arrangements. There has been almost no consultation with the migration advice profession regarding these changes which is highly regrettable.

The purpose of the bill is to enable the Minister to cap and terminate visas. The Minister’s powers to Cap and Cease could be applied not only to Skilled Migration visa classes, but to all classes of visas. Even the law council of Australia has opposed the bill.

This may mean for example that if the minister decides that a particular number of accountants (or cooks) are required for the year 2010(e.g. only 1000 accountants - this will be the cap), all applications lodged after reaching this limit may be ceased and application fee may be refunded.

This can have far reaching adverse effects. An example is if a permanent partner visa application were capped and ceased, an applicant’s temporary partner visa would be ineffective, thus requiring the applicant to depart Australia. The results may cause permanent separation of families.

Retrospective legislation

Retrospective laws take away the freedom of our clients and people to have chosen not to have made a decision to come to Australia or not to apply and settle down in Australia at all.

There may be circumstances when retrospective legislation is warranted. History suggests and has accepted such retrospective law particularly in war crimes where the wrongdoer has transgressed the "natural law" and in tax cases where an un-foreseen loophole needs to be closed immediately.

Deprivation of Merits Review

If the minister were to cap and terminate the applications, the applicants may only have 28 days to wind up their affairs and leave (there will be no review rights). These applicants would have been in Australia for years after lodging a valid application for PR. They may have found good jobs and well settled in Australia. Some may have married and have children, purchased property etc;

People and their families already in Australia will have to find jobs and start life again from the beginning if they are forced to go. It will take years for these adjustments and to be financially stable. Children will have difficulties getting adjusted to the new life and will have language problems and adjustment issues in their parents countries which may affect their educational advancement and the repercussions may be felt throughout their life. As such we consider certain aspects and affect of the retrospective legislation to be inhumane. Visa capping retrospectively is a crime against humanity.

No parliamentary oversight is undemocratic

The proposed amendments are a challenge to our law-making system; giving expansive, unfettered powers to the Minister for Immigration to make retrospective changes based on arbitrary criteria with no parliamentary oversight. This is both dangerous and undemocratic.

The proposed Bill may breach aspects of administrative law, by failing to afford affected visa applicants procedural fairness and allowing the Minister’s delegates to make decisions inconsistent with the legitimate expectations created by the acceptance of visa applications.

The Department of Immigration is therefore under an obligation, pursuant to established principles of administrative law. Further the General Skilled Migration pathway for students has been quite clearly flagged, by the establishment of the onshore GSM visa subclasses for which overseas students are eligible, and DIAC’s own policy, states that there are initiatives to encourage access students to permanent residency.

In overseas expos for international students the relevant government affiliated bodies in the past has clearly indicated that students will have pathways for PR once the studies are over.

We question the logic behind such a move when Australia faces its greatest skills shortage in history. We doubt that the government has undertaken any impact assessment on the effect for Australians and the Australian economy as a result of these changes.

What can be done?

We have made submissions to the senate Legal and Constitutional Committee and the last date was 18 June 2010. This legislation is about to be approved but it is still not too late.

PETITION to the Federal Parliament


We have created a petition which will be submitted to the Parliament. (You will have no repercussions by signing this even if you are temporary residents).

Please go to and sign and forward this petition to all your friends ALL OVER the world to sign.

The right of a petition to the parliament

A petition is basically a request for action. The right to petition Federal Parliament has been one of the rights of citizens since federation, and it is the only way an individual can directly place grievances before the Parliament.

The Standing Committee on Petitions has been tasked with receiving and processing petitions on behalf of the House. The Committee may choose to forward the petition to the relevant Minister. If this is the case, it is expected that the Ministers will respond within 90 days. Details of ministerial responses will be tabled in Hansard.

If I have substantial amount of signatures from all over the world it will add more power to the petition. The petition will also be submitted to the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, and Minister and to the Leader of Opposition. We will submit the same to any interested party.

Australia’s reputation as a “fair go’’ country would suffer and will badly damage our reputation overseas and call into question our moral values. Any reasonable right minded person would consider such a law to be simply unfair and inhumane.

Based on the reasoning set out above, we request that the minister and the government not to make hasty decisions that would be effective in retrospect and with complete disregard for human life.

We further urge the government to provide more generous transitional provisions than has already provided to international students who has been on a student visa at least as at 8 February 2010.

The writer Dinesh Iriyagolle Weerakkody is practicing as an Australian Solicitor & a Barrister at Oates Rennick & Associates. He was the former head of the Asia Pacific Forum of Environmental Journalists facilitated by UNEP & UN-ESCAP. He has a keen interest in Social, environmental sustainable development issues. He can be contacted on (0425725570)

8. Impeach John Morton Director of ICE

John Morton the director of ICE won't be cooperating with Local Police Departments in Arizona to deport Illegal Aliens that have been booked & determined Illegal.

The ICE Director is siding with the Obama Administration saying the New Immigration Law goes too far & deemed as Racist & Unconstitutional.

9. Multicultural Service 'Drop-In' Centre Needed

A Multicultural Service 'Drop-In' Centre is required for the inner-west suburb growing suburb of Rhodes. With major developments being constructed and the ethnic population increasing, a service is required to assist those migrating from other countries to settle into Australia and the new community.

This service can assist all ages, nationalities and abilities. There has been a 12% growth predicted by the council in the Rhodes area for the next five years and there is only one other Community Centre in Drummoyne functioning. The new residents of Rhodes may not know how to get to Drummoyne as public transport is not efficient to get from Rhodes to Drummoyne , what normally takes ten minutes by car, will take over an hour via public-transport mode.

This multi-cultural 'drop-in' centre could be situated in the Rhodes Community Centre or Concord Community Centre as these are not in use for any purpose besides for renting of their halls for functions. If this was not approved through council, we could try and find a location within the development as this would be vital to assist those who are from non-English Speaking backgrounds.

Please sign if you agree that a Multicultural 'Drop-In' Centre needs to be established.

10. Reform the Arizona Immigration Law

The new law in Arizona is very questionable. It states that: "For any lawful contact made by a law enforcement official or a law enforcement agency of this state or a law enforcement official or a law enforcement agency of a county, city, town or other political subdivision of this state where reasonable suspicion exists that the person is an alien who is unlawfully present in the United States, a reasonable attempt shall be made, when practicable, to determine the immigration status of the person, except if the determination may hinder or obstruct an investigation."

The part about reasonable suspicion is very loose and sounds like a loop hole for racial profiling (which is illegal in the state of Arizona).

11. Abolish Hefty Fees Required to Immigrate Legally

It costs a person who desires to become a legal immigrant of the United States $1,010 in fees to apply for permanent resident status.

Considering that most people who live and work in the country which the United States receives the most immigrants from, Mexico, earn only $1 or less a day, many people who desire to immigrate to the United States do not have the financial capacity to pay these fees, which encourages illegal immigration.

12. Let Julio Stay in the USA

My husband of 6 years is being deported to his native country of El Salvador. He left El Salvador 21 years ago, has no family there, no home, nothing. We have 2 small children, ages 4 and 2 and we are petitioning our government as a whole to keep my husband here in the USA with his family who needs him HERE!!