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United States of America

John Morton the director of ICE won't be cooperating with Local Police Departments in Arizona to deport Illegal Aliens that have been booked & determined Illegal.

The ICE Director is siding with the Obama Administration saying the New Immigration Law goes too far & deemed as Racist & Unconstitutional.

Let's clean up this beautiful country of ours we as citizens need to follow & enforce all Federal & State Laws.

The Obama administration doesn't adhere to the Laws our founding Father's wrote. Now others are jumping on that bandwagon specifically John Morton the current Director of ICE. John won't be working as a team with Local Arizona Law Enforcement in terms of deporting the Illegals as Arizona Officers are more proactive in enforcing the new Immigration Law.

We as citizens need to get John Morton out of his position as ICE Director get a true patriot to enforce the Immigration Laws..

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