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Canada Bay Local Area

A Multicultural Service 'Drop-In' Centre is required for the inner-west suburb growing suburb of Rhodes. With major developments being constructed and the ethnic population increasing, a service is required to assist those migrating from other countries to settle into Australia and the new community.

This service can assist all ages, nationalities and abilities. There has been a 12% growth predicted by the council in the Rhodes area for the next five years and there is only one other Community Centre in Drummoyne functioning. The new residents of Rhodes may not know how to get to Drummoyne as public transport is not efficient to get from Rhodes to Drummoyne , what normally takes ten minutes by car, will take over an hour via public-transport mode.

This multi-cultural 'drop-in' centre could be situated in the Rhodes Community Centre or Concord Community Centre as these are not in use for any purpose besides for renting of their halls for functions. If this was not approved through council, we could try and find a location within the development as this would be vital to assist those who are from non-English Speaking backgrounds.

Please sign if you agree that a Multicultural 'Drop-In' Centre needs to be established.

We, the undersigned, call on Canada Bay Council Sydney Australia to please provide the growing suburb of Rhodes with a 'Multicultural Service "Drop-In" Centre.'

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