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1. Saskatchewan Referendum on separation from Canada if Trudeau's Liberals implement 'voting reform' without a Referendum

The facts

In the past, Trudeau has expressed his support for a preferential ballot system, where voters in a particular riding rank the candidates in their order of preference.

In that system, if nobody has an absolute majority after the first count, the candidate with the least number of votes is eliminated. The second-place choices on the ballots cast for that unsuccessful candidate are redistributed to the other candidates. This process goes on until one person has a majority.

The government has said that other forms of voting would be studied as well, including proportional representation.

What the experts say:

Reid said that if the Liberals, who will likely have a majority on the all-party committee, go with a “full” preferential ballot system, the Liberals would be assured victory.

A full preferential ballot means that voters must rank all of the candidates, otherwise their ballot is considered spoiled. Such a system exists in certain Australian jurisdictions.

A Nanos Research survey conducted right before the October 2015 vote showed 46 per cent of Conservative respondents said they had no second choice for support. As a result, Reid argues, Conservative voters would be most likely to have their ballots declared invalid in a full preferential system.

2. Fair Rosters/Fair Play in Manitoba Minor Football

Team formations are not developed EQUALLY, and lacking the spirit of FAIR PLAY and SAFETY. This petition is to promote changes to the Constitutional By-law 6, which sites: Schools ii. Friends iii. A/B/C skill rankings iv. Car Pooling v. Special Circumstances as the basis of Roster Splitting.

It would be our intent to change the basis of Roster Splits to:

i. Experience
ii. Age
ii. Size

Applying to all the teams and all the levels within every Minor Football Club that falls under the MMFA constitution.

3. Bring ONE DIRECTION to Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

Please bring One Direction to INVESTORS GROUP FIELD in Winnipeg for their 2014 "WHERE WE ARE TOUR" please and thank you.

4. Bicycle Theft In Manitoba Crown Penalty Is Incarceration

Currently Manitoba Law Regarding Bicycle Theft Is not a law that has a Crown Penalty of Mandatory Incarceration.

5. Keep Education & Training Office open in Beausejour

The Manitoba government has recently made an announcement that it will cut back services at the Education and Training Beausejour location, moving them to Selkirk, 43km away.

The RM of Brokenhead has experienced an increase of population of 17.6% between 2006 and 2011, and of that population many have used the services of the Education and Training branch located in Beausejour.

As this office covers a large catchment area, residents of surrounding communities (Springfield, Reynolds, Lac Du Bonnet) are also affected by changes made to this government department. The service will be cut back to one worker attending once bi-weekly for client care. Currently the Education and Training employees handle upwards of 80 clients each.

In order to continue the communities developmental growth, education services provided by this department is crucial.

6. Improve health and health care for Manitobans

In 2014, the current 2004 Health Accord – the deal that sets funding and healthcare service delivery agreements between the federal, provincial and territorial governments – will expire and must be renegotiated. This is a unique opportunity to improve health and health care for all Canadians.

The renewed 2014 Health Accord needs to be a joint initiative between all provincial, territorial and federal governments and must include key provisions in order to improve the accessibility, equity, comprehensiveness and sustainability of our health system. Among these provisions is the need for action on primary health care across Canada, including increased access to Community Health Centres in Manitoba and across Canada.

Short video about Canada's Community Health Centres

7. Winnipeg Jets History belongs where it was made

The city of Winnipeg would like its Hockey heritage BACK from Arizona.

THANK YOU TNSE for getting the name right! Now, the possibility has been created to reclaim our history....

There is virtually no current connection between the Jets and the Yotes, except for Doan...and Winnipeggers have already accepted his preference for AZ!

The only notable franchise record that was actually MADE in Glendale, was by a Goalie that Arizona has mostly written off--but that is their choice.

What happens if The Yotes fold/relocate?

To be honest, it doesn't seem like Hockey fans in AZ really want any reminders of Winnipeg's history around anyway?

A compromise might be required to share Teppo's Jersey Retirement.

...or as someone has suggested, it might just be easier to reclaim the Jets history from 1972-1996?

Please make use of the comment area to make any further suggestions!


Thank you!

Relevant Links/Facts:

New England/Hartford Whalers/Carolina Hurricanes: Gordie Howe retired while the franchise was in Hartford (he played there from 1977–1980). The Hurricanes honour his number, but no banner hangs in the RBC Center, as Howe never played there.

8. Get Out of Jail Free With The NDP

1. The Minister of Justice deleted from the records a number of active warrants in the summers of 2009 and 2010 but has failed to specify the exact nature of the offences or the number of cancelled warrants.

2. The Winnipeg Police Association has said that deleting warrants prevents police from solving dated crimes and could even affect cases in the future.

3. Deleting warrants sends the message to victims that crimes committed against them are not taken seriously by the Minister of Justice and the Provincial Government.

9. New Name for NHL Team in Winnipeg

First of all, this petition does not undermine the great history of the Winnipeg Jets. It is understood that the Winnipeg Jets were an important part of the city and province's sports history.

However, many people feel that the Winnipeg Jets legacy ended when they left 15 years ago. It is now time to embrace change and start fresh. The Jets died and they are not coming back. The team that will be coming from Atlanta has no connection to the Jets whatsoever.

The NFL already has the New York Jets. The Winnipeg/Manitoba team name should be unique in the sporting world and a reflection of our culture or geography.

It is recommended that a contest be held to decide the new team name. There are many creative people within our province, and there is no doubt a unique and vibrant name would emerge from such a contest.

Things have greatly changed in Manitoba during the last 15 years. It is time for a new team, a new name, a new logo, and a new attitude.

10. Support Fluffy's Law ( Bill 218 ) In Manitoba

Bill 218 or Fluffy’s Law is meant to provide landlords and their tenants with legislation to guide them in dealing with the often controversial topic of pet ownership in rental properties. There are numerous studies that show that owning a pet has measurable health benefits including increased physical fitness and lower incidents of depression. These benefits are especially pronounced in seniors who are most often tenants and frequently live alone.

The Winnipeg Humane Society has endorsed Bill 218 citing the growing number of pets that are surrendered each year due to a lack of pet-friendly rental properties in Manitoba.

Nearly each and every day our shelter faces the upset of owners turning over their pets due to a no-pet policy. Frankly I find it baffling that landlords are being so shortsighted and hard-headed on this issue. We have learned that in the 11 years Fluffy’s Law has taken effect in Ontario, only 1% of the 800,000 complaints received annually by their rental tribunal are pet related.

11. Help Get Ms. Flynn To Teach For Windsor Park Collegiate's Art Course!

Ms. Flynn has been teaching us art for about three years. She has been a part time teacher, filling in for Mrs. Sigmar, but was layed off in Fall, due to the new school year. Instead of Ms. Flynn, who has many information and knowledge about this topic Art, has been layed off for a teacher who knows nothing about Art. She's a history teacher for christ sake!

Let someone who has an Anthropology for BA with a minor in Geography, an MA in archaeology, a good portion of fine arts degree and also B. Ed, be the Fine Arts teacher for us students at Windsor Park Collegiate!

12. Area Code for Manitoba Should Start with '2XX'

Recently, the Manitoba Telephone Systems announced that a new area code was required for Manitoba and they have said in 2012 it will be 431.

This does not make any sense - Manitobans are used to 204 and there is no one else using an area code close - so why can't the new Area Code start with a 2?

Please support this petition to have the Area Code start with a 2 so that it resembles the code in use already. Look how long it took to get used to Alberta having 403 and 780, it's still confusing.

13. Build an East-Side Power Line

1. Manitoba Hydro has been directed by the Provincial Government to construct its next high voltage direct transmission line (Bipole III) down the west side of Manitoba.

2. This will cost each family of four in Manitoba $11,748 more than an east side route, which is also shorter and more reliable.

14. Save the Sandy Hook Pier

For more than 60 years the seasonal municipal pier at 11th Avenue in Sandy Hook has been a landmark as a place of leisure and community gathering. It is part of Sandy Hook’s identity.


August 20: A delegation of Sandy Hookers filled the Board Room in the RM of Gimli Office on August 19 to speak to the pier matter at their public meeting. At that meeting a proposal was put forward by the delegation to assign the construction of the Sandy Hook Pier to the same contractor who is constructing the municipal piers in Winnipeg Beach (thanks, Maureen!). The contract would include spring construction, fall tear-down, winter storage, and would address the RM's desire to have their public works department out of the pier business.

While the Council would not commit to this proposal, the ensuing conversation seemed to be about what kind of a pier Sandy Hook would have in the future rather than whether or not there would be one. The issue of insurability and risk assessment was discussed and disputed at length (thanks, Don!). The RM is in the process of arranging for a structural assessments of not only the Sandy Hook Pier, but also of other piers in Winnipeg Beach and Dunnottar. The Council also indicated that they wish to work with a committee to resolve the issue. To close our part of the meeting, the Council was presented with 7 letters of concern, written petitions with a total of 255 signatures, and a printout of this online petition as of August 15 with a total of 170 signatures and 66 comments. There were also 21 pieces of artwork submitted from concerned children at the Sandy Hook CC day-camp for Council to review (thanks, kids!).

This online petition has made a difference and was mentioned by Council at the meeting. Your input here is being heard.

This online petition will be closed on August 24. Future news updates will be sent by email. If you have signed this petition, updates will be sent to the email address you have indicated when you signed the petition. You can also email to be added to our mailing list for updates.

Thanks to for what has been a valuable tool in our efforts to save the Sandy Hook Pier!

15. Pave Hwy 340 Manitoba between Wawanesa and CFB Shilo

The unpaved section of Hwy 340 in the Province of Manitoba (Canada), between Wawanesa and CFB Shilo, is treacherous, unstable, and dangerous. It needs to be paved to improve safety. There are several accidents each year on this small 8 km stretch due to road conditions on this particular section.

In addition, the traffic count far exceeds the required amount of 400 per day to have it paved. This highway is used as a commuter road (for both civilians and soldiers), as well as for transport vehicles, and military training road for off-base driving, and as a main access route for emergency and essential services.

The gravel and dirt not only create visibility issues, but also cause thousands of dollars in damages to vehicles each year.

The gravel is unstable and makes it difficult to maintain vehicle control. In the winter, the stability is far worse due to not only being unable to plow gravel roads effectively, but also as the integrity of the road warps due to extreme weather changes. Were it paved this would not be an issue.

On either side of this unpaved section, the highway is paved and is considered relatively safe. It makes no sense to have a small unpaved and unsafe section.

16. Refund unfair photo radar tickets

A Manitoba court recently threw out tickets for drivers exceeding the temporary speed limit in construction zones when no workers were present and no safety was compromised, meaning those who haven't already paid their tickets will not be required to do so.

But the NDP government is refusing to refund the tickets for the thousands of drivers who have already paid. It's a cash grab, and it's wrong.

17. Preserve Brandon's useable swimming space

The City of Brandon, in conjunction with the YMCA, is proposing a new aquatic/exercise facility. A number of plans have been submitted thus far.

Unfortunately, the designs do not address the water needs in the community going forward. Currently in the City of Brandon, we have a 6 lane 50 meter pool, along with a 4 lane 25 yard pool, both indoors. The proposal to date has been to replace these two pools with one 6 lane 25 meter pool, plus a splash park, and a couple of hot tubs.

In signing the petition, you agree with the idea that this does not adequately address the community needs in this area. The term surface water does not translate into useable exercise space. We feel that a splash park does not adequately address an aging population demographic in our community.

The proposed design would also not be able to accomodate the swimming lesson requirements in the Westman region.

18. Save the Winnipeg Weekend to End Breast Cancer Event

As many of you already know, CancerCare Manitoba has decided to cancel the 2008 Weekend to End Breast Cancer, citing this event as "too large scale" thereby consuming a significant portion of the fundraising potential of Manitoba.

We do not buy this... we believe that Manitoba is fully capable of supporting this fantastic event as well as the multiple other fundraising initiatives that benefit CancerCare therefore we refuse to go down without a fight!

Please help us show Cancer Care Manitoba that this event needs to be held in 2008.

19. Bring Eye2Eye Back To Bills Tuesday Nights

July 13, 2006

This petition is being started because there is a band called Eye2Eye who has built up their well-earned routine on Tuesdays of providing entertainment to Buffalo Bills (Canad-Inns Transcona) for about two years now.

It has now come to my attention that this band will no longer be playing at Buffalo Bills every Tuesday and will be put on a rotation. This will make Buffalo Bills lose many, many customers who only go there to see them play.

The only reason many of the customers go there on Tuesdays is to see Eye2Eye play. These boys have such big hearts and they put so much into their music and making their fans happy. Every Tuesday they get the crowd going crazy and the atmosphere they provide for their fans is unbelieveable.

Please sign this petition if you agree that Eye2Eye needs to come back every Tuesday! The more people that sign...the closer we could be to getting our boys back on Tuesdays!

Every signature is much appreciated.

Thank you!

Ashley & Tina