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Ms. Flynn has been teaching us art for about three years. She has been a part time teacher, filling in for Mrs. Sigmar, but was layed off in Fall, due to the new school year. Instead of Ms. Flynn, who has many information and knowledge about this topic Art, has been layed off for a teacher who knows nothing about Art. She's a history teacher for christ sake!

Let someone who has an Anthropology for BA with a minor in Geography, an MA in archaeology, a good portion of fine arts degree and also B. Ed, be the Fine Arts teacher for us students at Windsor Park Collegiate!

Please sign this petition to help try and get Ms. Flynn as our art teacher for Windsor Park Collegiate. We all know how much of an impact she has made on our lives, and people we know. Ms Flynn has taught us so much over the past couple years, so why should she stop now?

We need this art course as much as she needs her position back! One signature can make all the difference in the world. Please help all of us out, but mostly Ms. Flynn! Thank you for your help!

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