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RM of Gimli

For more than 60 years the seasonal municipal pier at 11th Avenue in Sandy Hook has been a landmark as a place of leisure and community gathering. It is part of Sandy Hook’s identity.


August 20: A delegation of Sandy Hookers filled the Board Room in the RM of Gimli Office on August 19 to speak to the pier matter at their public meeting. At that meeting a proposal was put forward by the delegation to assign the construction of the Sandy Hook Pier to the same contractor who is constructing the municipal piers in Winnipeg Beach (thanks, Maureen!). The contract would include spring construction, fall tear-down, winter storage, and would address the RM's desire to have their public works department out of the pier business.

While the Council would not commit to this proposal, the ensuing conversation seemed to be about what kind of a pier Sandy Hook would have in the future rather than whether or not there would be one. The issue of insurability and risk assessment was discussed and disputed at length (thanks, Don!). The RM is in the process of arranging for a structural assessments of not only the Sandy Hook Pier, but also of other piers in Winnipeg Beach and Dunnottar. The Council also indicated that they wish to work with a committee to resolve the issue. To close our part of the meeting, the Council was presented with 7 letters of concern, written petitions with a total of 255 signatures, and a printout of this online petition as of August 15 with a total of 170 signatures and 66 comments. There were also 21 pieces of artwork submitted from concerned children at the Sandy Hook CC day-camp for Council to review (thanks, kids!).

This online petition has made a difference and was mentioned by Council at the meeting. Your input here is being heard.

This online petition will be closed on August 24. Future news updates will be sent by email. If you have signed this petition, updates will be sent to the email address you have indicated when you signed the petition. You can also email shcc@shaw.ca to be added to our mailing list for updates.

Thanks to gopetition.com for what has been a valuable tool in our efforts to save the Sandy Hook Pier!

We, the undersigned, are disappointed that the RM of Gimli Council has taken the position to discontinue the annual construction of the 11th Avenue Pier in Sandy Hook.

We call on the Council to change its position and ensure ongoing annual construction and maintenance of this valued and expected part of the summer landscape.

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