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Canad Inns Transcona

July 13, 2006

This petition is being started because there is a band called Eye2Eye who has built up their well-earned routine on Tuesdays of providing entertainment to Buffalo Bills (Canad-Inns Transcona) for about two years now.

It has now come to my attention that this band will no longer be playing at Buffalo Bills every Tuesday and will be put on a rotation. This will make Buffalo Bills lose many, many customers who only go there to see them play.

The only reason many of the customers go there on Tuesdays is to see Eye2Eye play. These boys have such big hearts and they put so much into their music and making their fans happy. Every Tuesday they get the crowd going crazy and the atmosphere they provide for their fans is unbelieveable.

Please sign this petition if you agree that Eye2Eye needs to come back every Tuesday! The more people that sign...the closer we could be to getting our boys back on Tuesdays!

Every signature is much appreciated.

Thank you!

Ashley & Tina

Please sign this petition for the boys and their fans in hopes that EYE2EYE will become Buffalo Bills house band once again playing every Tuesday!

Thanks for your signature, it's much appreciated!!

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