#City & Town Planning
City of Brandon, MB

The City of Brandon, in conjunction with the YMCA, is proposing a new aquatic/exercise facility. A number of plans have been submitted thus far.

Unfortunately, the designs do not address the water needs in the community going forward. Currently in the City of Brandon, we have a 6 lane 50 meter pool, along with a 4 lane 25 yard pool, both indoors. The proposal to date has been to replace these two pools with one 6 lane 25 meter pool, plus a splash park, and a couple of hot tubs.

In signing the petition, you agree with the idea that this does not adequately address the community needs in this area. The term surface water does not translate into useable exercise space. We feel that a splash park does not adequately address an aging population demographic in our community.

The proposed design would also not be able to accomodate the swimming lesson requirements in the Westman region.

We, the undresigned, call on the community of Brandon to ensure that any outsourcing arrangement would conform to the current recreation plan and fully meet the needs of the citizens of Brandon, and the Westman region.

In signing of this petition, you agree that any new facility would have at the minimum the same amount of useable water space that exists presently.

Any new component of this facility, such as a waterpark, would be in addition to the current core aquatic space.

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