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1. Art Exhibition for Khadija Saye

If like me, you have been touched by the recent Grenfell Tower atrocity and would like to give back in some way, please sign this petition to see Khadija Saye's photography exhibited in one of London's most high profile art galleries. Khadija was a budding photographer on the cusp of success but her journey was cut short by the awful and avoidable Grenfell Tower fire. On the day of the fire, she had met with an Art Director with a view to showcasing her work, this makes the ensuing tragedy all the more heartbreaking.

Outside of showcasing her talent, this petition and ultimately the exhibit will be a way to raise awareness for not just Khadija's work, but for all the victims whom will not get the chance to realise their potential and act as a reminder that the fight for justice continues.

2. Stop Muslim attacks!

The 2017 London attacks are just the straw that broke the camel's back. We need to act!
Governments need to bring in Marshall law, conscription and decisive military responses to all the attacks on innocent families worldwide.

3. Sign the Sympathy Card to Manchester Arena (Ariana Grande Concert) Attack

The "Manchester Terror Attack" that just happened on Monday evening 22 May 2017 in Manchester Arena at Ariana Grande's Concert. Hundreds and many unknown innocents were injured. This is the second suicide attack after London Westminster Bridge attack in just under two months.


4. Bring the Zipper Merge to London!

London road construction is a fact of life, but driver frustration and commute times could be vastly improved if residents utilized a simple and effective merging technique known as the Zipper Merge. When multiple traffic lanes are being merged into one, drivers should be encouraged to stay in their lane until the point of merge and then alternate. This has been proven effective in many jurisdictions. Unfortunately, drivers feel it is rude to not to merge at the first opportunity and this actually creates a traffic wave that magnifies congestion.

Implementing the Zipper Merge would cost very little as the city need only educate local drivers and alter the current construction signs to alert them that a Zipper Merge is coming up and how to handle it.

See Minnesota's example here:

Let's urge Mayor Matt Brown and City Counsel to make this a reality and bring some sanity to our city roads!

5. Remove Sadiq Khan as Mayor of London

His vision is not what London wants. He wants to remain so more immigrants will be allowed in. Especially from the Middle Eastern countries. Khan is only mayor and he is already exceeding his power.

6. Boris Style Buses Needs to be Re - Called as They Are Very Dangerous

On the Friday 7th August 2015 I boarded a Boris style bus ( No 12 )... I was standing near the back door as the bus was full. As the driver closed the doors my left foot got trapped under the rear back door, as the driver tried to open the door as my foot was trapped the door would not open, so I had to force my foot free causing damage to my foot.... WHY ARE THESE BUSES NOT FITTED WITH A MECHANISM THAT DOES NOT ALLOW THE BUS DOORS TO CLOSE IF OBSTRUCTED?

I have spoken to numerous bus drivers who drives the 12, 148 and 453 which are all Boris style buses…and they all showed concern to the rear doors….I have stated I am not the only one to have had an accident on these buses due to the rear door... I would love to hear from anyone who has a accident on a Boris style bus.
I was very lucky I was wearing Trainers... What If I was wearing sandals, or I was a young child ?

7. Save the footpaths of Hanwell

There is a frequently used public footpath running across the public open space known as Warren Farm School Sports Centre which has its main entrance in Windmill Lane, Southall UB2.

The footpath runs from the main entrance to Warren Farm School Sports Centre in Windmill Lane, Southall UB2, along the tarmacked road and then eastwards across Warren Farm to the 5-bar gate on the north eastern edge. An established path then leads over a level crossing with the Brentford Branch railway line, into Jubilee Meadow, over the Grand Union Canal at lock 97 and into Hanwell via Green Lane.

Please see the map.

The footpath is marked in red with the end points marked with red and green pins.

This footpath is regularly used by many people to get;
  • from their homes in Windmill Lane, Wolsey Close, Norwood Green and Southall to their places of work at Waterside Trading Centre, Hanwell and Ealing.
  • to access the Grand Union Canal for leisure and exercise walks
  • to get to the Hanwell Carnival or Brentford Festival.
  • to get from Norwood Green to The Fox pub in Green Lane, Hanwell
  • to get to the Health Centres in Hanwell
  • the shopping centres of Hanwell or Ealing.
  • From Hanwell people use the footpath as part of a circular exercise walk to Osterley Park
  • to access The Plough Inn on Tentelow Lane
  • Children from Hanwell also use the path to access the horse riding stables next to Warren Farm.
  • To attend Church at St Thomas’ Church on Boston Road
  • To attend Church at St Mellitus’ Church on Uxbridge Road, Hanwell
  • To attend Church at St Mary’s Church, Norwood Green

The footpath has been used for a minimum of 25 years and by many families for much longer than this.

According to the 'Highways Act 1980' this footpath must be dedicated for public use because it has been freely used by the public for more than 20 years.

8. Decomission Springbank Dam

Springbank Dam was constructed at the current site along the Upper Thames River within the City of London in 1929 to create a reservoir for recreational use. It held back water from Spring until Fall and did not serve any flood control or hydroelectric purpose. While the dam was operational independent studies were completed showing that the water had elevated levels of phosphorus and e-coli nearly 55 times highly than provincially acceptable levels.

The water contained in the reservoir was deemed not safe for direct human recreation and threatens many at risk and endangered species of fish, amphibians, plants and wildlife. After the dam was damaged a full rebuild was completed in 2008 and on the first test one of the doors was damaged. Since then it has remained open allowing the Thames; a designated Canadian Heritage River, to run free from it's headwaters to Lake St. Clair. The water quality has improved dramatically and the riparian shoreline has recovered to it's natural state not seen in over 80 years.

The intent of this petition is to encourage our elected Mayor and Councillors to demonstrate that they truly care about the environment, respect their voters concerns and are accountable for spending by decommissioning Springbank Dam.

WHEREAS the Thames River is recognized as the most important natural heritage feature in the City of London; and

WHEREAS the Thames River plays an important role in contributing to the diversity of aquatic species (approximately 94 fish species recorded) as a southern Ontario watershed flowing into Lake St. Clair; and

WHEREAS the Thames River produces fish for Lake St. Clair, Lake Huron and Lake Erie; and

WHEREAS Lake Huron and Lake Erie are two of the most frequently fished waters in Ontario; and

WHEREAS nearly 1.74 million anglers actively participate in recreational fishing in Ontario; and

WHEREAS anglers spend nearly 2.5 billion dollars annually on consumables and investment goods attributable to recreational fishing in Ontario; and

WHEREAS “Conserving Ontario’s biodiversity is key to achieving a healthy environment, strong communities and a thriving economy” (Ontario Biodiversity Strategy); and

WHEREAS the Springbank dam causes significant adverse impacts to the ecology of the Thames River; and

WHEREAS the Springbank dam negatively impacts the free movement and passage of fish and other aquatic species; and

WHEREAS evidence shows that the Springbank dam is lowering fish attraction and passage efficiency, potentially impacting fish biomass and biodiversity in the Thames River; and

WHEREAS the Springbank dam disrupts the natural flow of water and sediment, altering the physical and chemical parameters of the river and potentially degrading water quality; and

WHEREAS scientific studies have documented that the Springbank dam reservoir does not meet the provincial water quality objectives for phosphorus and E. coli; and

WHEREAS poor water quality and high E. coli levels pose a significant risk to local residents and the aquatic species within the system; and

WHEREAS the Springbank dam serves no benefit to the local residents for flood control; and

WHEREAS the ecological, recreational and socio-economic benefits associated with the removal of the Springbank dam, far outweigh the rationale for its rehabilitation or on-going maintenance; and

WHEREAS a US study of 14 dam removals in Wisconsin, showed that the estimated cost of repairing was three times (300%) higher than the cost of removal (Born et al. 1998); and

WHEREAS the City of London proposes to repair the failed dam, thereby continuing a process which has resulted in the harmful alteration of fish migration, and reportedly cost local taxpayers over $6.8 million; and

WHEREAS Section 35 of the Fisheries Act states, “No person shall carry on any work or understanding that results in the harmful alteration, disruption or destruction of fish habitat.”

9. Separate roads and infrastructure for cyclists in London

As stated in the foreword in Mayor's vision of Cycling in London, London has established itself as a world leader in city transport.

Yet London is horrifying for so many of people to cycle in. Cyclists are still dying.

Taking countries such as Germany, Holland and Denmark, as an example, London should establish a separate road for cyclists. To see the cyclists cycle in between buses and cars is an absolute nightmare for themselves and for the viewers.

The number of cyclists is growing day by day and it's about time to take some action. Substantially more men are cycling in London because women - however brave they are or equipped, are often terrified to go on the open roads.

10. London Underground Station at Upper Norwood, Crown Point

In the London South-East postcodes travel options have been narrow historically due to geology factors. However improvements and innovation in tunnelling have now removed these constraints.

11. Stop #RussellBrand's biggest joke

Comedian Russell Brand is considering a position in UK Politics.

Hopefully, this is nothing more than another joke from Russell...

For years, Russell has made us laugh with his witty, though often rude humour.

Sadly, we are now seeing yet another intelligent but misinformed person, blinded by blatant (though easily-debunked) lies about Israel/Palestine, that are so slickly and effectively advanced by the pro-Palestine propaganda machine, and repeated so often that they are believed and promoted as ‘truth’ by ill-informed masses and even by supposedly well-informed scholars (ref: Goebbels).

Brand supports a cause that can never lead to peace or justice for Palestinians, Jews, or anyone.

The Palestinian leaders, e.g. Hamas, call (in whichever way is most effective with each particular audience) for worldwide support in the achievement of their stated goals, which include ethnically cleansing the Middle East of Jews.

This and other goals are explicitly defined in the Hamas Covenant or Charter (1988), and is current today.
(See:; main points:

Hamas holds power and influence in leading and directing the Palestinian people, with little or no consideration for individual Palestinians' wishes or welfare, or for anyone’s wishes and efforts for peace and safety.

We ask everyone, especially those people in the UK Government, to take appropriate action to prevent Russell's latest joke from becoming a frightening reality.

Such extreme and dangerously misinformed views and misguided support, held by anyone in a position of power and influence, is a serious threat to us all.

Please sign for peace, justice and the human rights of all people - including all children, who will inherit the legacy of our social conscience and fabric.
The Palestinian leaders, e.g. Hamas, call (in whichever way is most effective with each particular audience) for worldwide support in the achievement of their stated goals, which include ethnically cleansing the Middle East of Jews.

This and other goals are explicitly defined in Hamas’ Charter, written in 1988 and current today.
(See:; main points:

Hamas holds power and influence in leading and directing the Palestinian people, with little or no consideration for individual Palestinians' wishes or welfare, or for anyone’s wishes and efforts for peace and safety.

We ask everyone, especially those people in the UK Government, to take appropriate action to prevent Russell's latest joke from becoming a frightening reality.

Such extreme and dangerously misinformed views and misguided support, held by anyone in a position of power and influence, is a serious threat to us all.

Please sign for peace, justice and the human rights of all people - including all children, who will inherit the legacy of our social conscience and fabric.

Thank you.

12. No to £10 per person charge for New Year's Eve 2014 Fireworks

Since 2000, there has always been a free firework display at the London Eye. This display has attracted world attention and showcases all that is good about London. The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson is now charging people £10 each to to watch a free display.

We pay our Council Tax in London as well as many taxes and in some ways this event I always saw this event as a thank you to the people of London. When I was younger and not working, I brought my young children to watch the display as it was free, now if I brought my family, it would cost £40!

This petition has been created to send a message to Mayor Johnson that Londoner's object to being charged to attend this free cultural celebration...

13. Letter to Boris Johnson About Coach Parking in London

This a petition to Boris Johnson mayor of London to explain the situation in London about the lack of coach parking facilities in London.

Drivers bring in millions of pounds of tourism to London and are not helped but hindered in thei job with constant fines and lack of space to park.

14. Save Wimbledon Park parking for residents

Wimbledon Park residents are unable to park on Saturday and Sunday due to the flood of Chelsea and Fulham fans who use our residential roads for free parking, often for up to 4-5 hours during the course of a day.

This can happen on both a Saturday and Sunday.

15. London's Cycling Superhighway should be made Safer

Following two fatal cycling accidents in 24 hours, and five in ten days on London streets, enough is enough. Of the 13 deaths in total in 2013, 5 were on or very near the Cycling Superhighway.

With a number of staff who cycle to work each day we think it's time to ask if Boris Johnson has a plan to improve the safety of all cyclists in the capital and if he is prepared to:

1. Get rid of the blue lines and re-think his strategy.

2. Launch a big awareness campaign and invest money in education, making clear the ‘rules of engagement’ for cyclists.

3. Wait for more accidents before considering segregation and kerbs put in place before the prposed implementation in 2016.

16. SAVE The Canterbury Arms in Brixton

This is a support group opposed to the proposed closure of a much loved local pub which has served the Brixton community for decades.

The Canterbury Arms is steeped in history, especially for patrons of The Brixton Academy and the wider musical audience who've attended pre/post gigs over the years, along with well supported and established club nights such as Time Tunnel and How does it feel.

17. Allow Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer to Speak in UK

Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer reach millions of freedom-loving people across the globe. Pamela Geller has rescued girls from certain death and paid homage to those who perished in the desire to be free from slavery. Robert Spencer is a world-renowned authority whose family suffered in the Middle East where he originates from.

While Islamic hate preachers come to the UK to preach wife-beating and anti-semitism in mosques, we in the UK are entitled to know what threats these people and their followers are to our country.

Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer only speak the truth, and for that there is nothing to fear.

18. Review leniency in sentencing of Paula Castle's killers

In November 2012 in Greenford, west London, 15 year olds Jiervon Bartlett and Nayed Hoque, who both had convictions for several previous violent crimes, mugged 85 year old partially sighted Paula Castle - an attack which led to the death of Mrs Castle, as she had received a serious head wound when the boys knocked her to the ground.

Neither of the boys have shown any remorse for this despicable crime, and have refused to apologise to the victim's family. The judge in the case sentenced them to six years in custody - BUT they will only have to serve half of that! So, as things stand, they will do only three years in jail for taking a life - that is unacceptable.

19. Hands off London's foxes

It is reported that a fox in London managed to enter a house and attack a baby that was sleeping upstairs. That fox could have been a burglar or kidnapper. Surely it's up to people to make their house secure?

20. Support Al-Hira Educational Centre

The Revised proposal offer a significant architectural and design benefits that will ensure that the Al-Hira Education and community centre will once again become a much valued facility and asset to the London Borough of Newham.

21. Save Manor Place Terrace

The Manor Place Terrace of shops and homes was built between 1875 and 1896. They are some of last remaining Victorian buildings that were constructed on the site of historic Royal Surrey Gardens and are the last examples of Victorian retail within West Walworth.

They offer a strong link to the history of West Walworth and are a fine example of purpose built shops and homes from the late-Victorian era. They offer a real sense of how the streetscape would have been in the past. They are in perfect keeping with the local area being built with interesting detail and to a human scale.

West Walworth will change enormously in the next 20 years with a large number of development sites locally which will net Southwark Council tens of millions of pounds.

We ask that as guardians of our local heritage and its assets, Southwark Council places a value on the terrace and its façade and says no to development which demolishes this historic terrace.

22. Oppose the Far Left Bigots in Kingston

We are shocked and horrified to see that the UAF (Unite Against Freedom) is operating in the Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames. Apparently these people of the UAF are upset that the British National Party is standing a candidate in the Grove ward forthcoming election.

If residents don't want to vote for the BNP then they will not for them. It is called democracy and the UAF do not like it. Let us show the bigots and the far left that we value democracy in this country.

Let us not forget that the Nazis were defeated by British Nationalists.

23. In Support of Asylum for Julian Assange in Ecuador

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has taken refuge in the Ecuadoran embassy in London and is seeking political asylum.

24. Ensure the future of Bay66 skatepark

Proposed plans to put offices on the skatepark site remain.

The council have said that an alternative location for the skatepark would have to be provided.
BUT there is no specific alternative for relocating the park.

The draft plans are not specific enough to guarantee the future of the skatepark and we ask that you join us in petitioning the planning department of Kensington and Chelsea council further.

!Do not allow the loss of this amazing community resource!

Thank you for your support, please spread the word!


MP Kate Hoey and a small group of residents are vigorously lobbying TfL bosses for a LIVE bus station in the square in the heart of Clapham Old Town. This scheme will involve up to six live bus stands with platforms, shelters, signage and commercial lighting, taking up the majority of the square and leaving the Old Town Square open to development as a transport hub.

The Clapham Regeneration Project (formerly Clapham Gateway Project) began with Venn St and was due to stretch down to the Old Town to include a landscaped public square and 4 ‘waiting only’ bus stands (parked up). It works logistically, aesthetically and is in tune with the community’s need for a smooth bus service. It’s TfL approved, funded and all ready to go.
The local community is unaware that this project is under threat.

We URGENTLY need you, the local community, our neighbours and local businesses to show support for the Clapham Regeneration Project. The plans implemented now will be in place for decades to come.


26. Bring GTA 5 to Manchester

GTA has been in a global phenomenom for since 1997, it has featured locations based on New York City, Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco. Not to mention smaller locations such as Chinatown, New Jersey and London in 1969.

The time has come to inject some international flavour to the series by bringing it to the United Kingdom and more importantly Manchester.

27. Fairer Prices at Tesco Kennington Park Road

Tesco on Kennington Park Road has been open for a nearly a year. Most people living nearby do the majority of their shopping in this Tesco local due to time constraints and a lack of personal transport.

There are hardly any value products in store any more and alot of prices are higher than the bigger supermarkets.

The store is so busy they have even added a self service till. We feel that the loyal customer base they have built up over this year deserve to be treated fairly.

28. 20 mph speed limit for Lambeth residential streets

Lambeth’s road casualty figures are some of the highest in the UK. Of all the 32 boroughs in London only Westminster and Barnet have more casualties on the roads. Lambeth has the second highest casualty rate in London for both pedestrians and cyclists. (See: ) A third of the worst spots for collisions involving cyclists in London, are found in Lambeth ( )

A study conducted at monitoring sites across the capital in 2009 showed roads in Lambeth were among those to exceed recommended levels of nitrogen dioxide, a toxic gas that can cause health problems. Brixton Road, Christchurch Road in Tulse Hill, the Bondway Interchange in Vauxhall and Streatham High Road all had levels above the recommended limits.

20 mph speed limits have been proven by several studies to significantly reduce road accidents. They also encourage cycling and walking, reduce carbon emissions by helping the flow of traffic and improve air quality. Slower speeds also promote social inclusion and access to transport, particularly for those with mobility, vision and hearing impairments.

Already 7m residents in the UK live in towns which are adopting or have adopted this policy. It is time that Lambeth did too. (For more information see here: )

29. Save Stratford Children's Library

The children's library at Stratford Library is a vital community resource and an important and necessary investment in the children and young people of our community, where children from babies to teens gather to read, explore, and learn.

Current plans will drastically reduce the size of this space after a six-month closure from 1st October 2011. The community was not consulted in the plans for our library.

The Stratford children's library is heavily used in its current size. In a reduced size it would become over-crowded and would drive children and parents away.

The destruction of our treasured children's library space will be a disinvestment from a whole generation of young people and could have devastating long-term effects. It represents a betrayal of Newham's pledge to invest in our young people and regenerate our community.

30. Impeach Bob Blackman, MP

Directors of a company told lies to their workers about the financial state of the organization and abused an invoice factoring service by submitting large numbers of invoices for goods that were never manufactured.

They then took advantage of loopholes in Employment law to withhold wages and cheat employees out of money owed, leaving them poorer, stressed, suffering sleepless nights, and ultimately unemployed.

Harrow East MP, Bob Blackman was asked to take action in this case; but instead procrastinated and failed to have the aforementioned Directors struck off, failed to pass legislation to close the legal loopholes, ignored calls for an inquiry into this scandal, and instead claimed that this issue is "not in the public interest". He now refuses to answer further correspondence about this scandal.

Therefore, we say that this matter is in the public interest, that Bob Blackman has failed to represent the concerns of his constituents, and therefore should resign or be impeached from Public office. More details here.