#Animal Rights
London City Council / Attorney General Micheal Bryant

Due to resent events in the London and GTA area London residence are requesting that London City Council take a hard look at banning specific dog breeds that THEY consider to be a dangerous breed. The main target of the ban is the Pit Bull.

I strongly believe the individuals who actually follow bans are responsible citizens that properly socialize and train ANY dog they have. The individuals who will ignore the ban are the same ones that we already have the problem with - those that do NOT properly socialize or train their dog.The ban would be a short sighted , band-aid approach to the larger issue at hand : IRRESPONSIBLE or INEXPERIENCED HUMANS HANDLING ANY DOG of any breed.

In the upcoming month of November I, Tim Wood, will be speaking in the front of London City Council opposing a Breed specific ban by-law. Please help to prove my point by signing the petition.

I also plan to forward a copy of the petition to Attorney General Micheal Bryant in the event Ontario pushes for a province wide ban.

PLEASE forward to any of your friends also.


Tim ( and Knuckles )

We, the undersigned, STRONGLY OPPOSE the idea of a breed specific ban on any breed.

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