City Council of London

In 1993, London, Ontario drafted a bylaw which restricts the keeping of non-venomous snakes more than 2 feet in length and non-venomous lizards more than 1 foot in length. Also, the maximum number of animals per dwelling is two.

We find this current bylaw to be strict and restrictive. Toronto, Ontario has a bylaw which restricts snakes more than 3 meters(9.84 ft) in length and lizards more than 2 meters(6.56 ft) in length. Kitchener, Ontario allows snakes up to 2 meters(6.56 ft) in length and lizards up to 2 feet in length to be kept.

Cornsnakes, kingsnakes and milksnakes grow to an adult length between 2 feet and 7 feet long and they remain docile and have never caused a human death. There are Boas and Pythons smaller than 6 feet long that are docile and are not dangerous. Many lizards grow to more than 1 foot in length. Some geckos and bearded dragons attain an adult length less than 2 feet long.

The responsible reptile owners out way the irresponsible owners and we feel that an increase in the permitted length of snakes and lizards is suitable and does not pose a danger to owners or the public.

We the undersigned, petition that the city council of London, increase the permitted length of non-venomous snakes to 4 feet in length and non-venomous lizards to 2 feet in length. Also, the number of animals kept should be a maximum of two per subfamily per dwelling.

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