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Nissan Skylines are phenomnomial cars, but now they are only sold on Motorex Importers, and a GTR34/33 V-Spec costs 80,000+. These cars were so good, they were banned in Autralina V8 Races, and much more. So they had to make the JGTC or Japan Grand Touring Championship. They cost 50,000 dollars in Japan, but Motorobbers sell the GT-R R34 for $100,000. They should be sold in Nissan Delarships.

Let's make sure the next generation GTR will be sold by Nissan USA delarships, and not Motorex.

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The Bring the next generation Nissan Skyline GTR to the USA petition to Nissan USA was written by Nikola Gambina and is in the category Roads & Transport at GoPetition.