#Human Rights
UN, U.S. Government, Indian Government, EU, and Japan

In 1947 India and Pakistan came into existence breaking free from British colonial rule. The agreement signed by the three declared that all the states would be given a chance to vote and pledge their allegiance to either Pakistan or India.

Unfortunately the State of Kashmir was never given that chance. In the past 50 years the Indian government has repeatedly in the International Community promised to fulfill this mandatory obligation.

Today the Indian Military has killed nearly 60,000 unarmed civilians and displaced over 100,000 others in order to forcefully occupy the Land of Kashmir.

Unfortunately Kashmir is not the only one oppressed by the fascist Indian regime. There are 17 other minority states that are oppressed and are subject to the worst type of Human Rights abuse in the world. Kashmir and Punjab are the worst treated among them.

The Governments of India, U.S., UN, UK, Japan and EU. We the undersigned express solidarity with the people of Kashmir, Punjab and all other oppressed Nations under fascist rule of the Indian Government. We call on the International Community to persuade and pressure India to stop using malicious tactics against unarmed civilians in these regions. Furthermore, we urge the Governments of the United States, European Union, United Kingdom, United Nations, and the Government of Japan to call on the Indian government to stop the mass genocide of children and women in India. We also urge these Governments to take strict Economic and Political action to force India into mediation and compliance on Human Rights issues for the state of Jammu Kashmir, Punjab and all other oppressed Nations of India. The Indian government must at all costs stop the genocide, displacement, brutal massacre, mass plunder and abuse immediately.

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