Mad Cow Disease may be present in any of the cattle that are slaughtered for food in the USA each year. Even "downed" cows who stumble to their deaths on the way to slaughter are not even tested for this disease. Only 2,000 per year out of 36 million slaughtered are ever tested. This is not enough. This petition was copied and moved from TestCowsNow.com. Go there for full information on this harrowing situation.

BSE has been discovered in cows in nearly all of Western Europe, in Eastern Europe, and in Japan. All of these countries discovered mad cow disease only after instituting modern widescale mad cow rapid-testing programs.

Recently the USDA announced it will be increasing slightly the number of cattle tested during 2002, but according to experts it is still wholly inadequate.

While the U.S. tests one out of every 18,000 cows slaughtered, Germany tests one out of three, and Japan tests every cow before it goes to market.

WE urge you to enact legislation to safeguard the American consumer by greatly increasing the number of cows tested for BSE.

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