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On February 10, 2002, my main account on Neopets, prettywittybaby, was frozen. For reasons I have no idea, but I know I am innocent. When I believe I can get all the signitures I can, I will send this petition to the Neopets team in hopes that they will unfreeze my account. I have been on this account for one year, and after all that work I get frozen and I am not told why. Please sign this petition ONLY if you believe I am innocent. I do have other accounts, but none I have used for the Fruit Machine, Tombola, etc. My other accounts where merz, mystical_lupess, gaia_n_slash, angel_n_slash, and silver_dark_ora. I am a roleplayer and all of these account where to keep my characters in. Thank you for your time.

This petition is to try to unfreeze my account, prettywittybaby. I believe that my account was frozen for no reason. If you want to help unfreeze my account, please sign this petition.

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