#Human Rights
President Bush

Justice for inmates on DeathRow.

Justice and human rights for all inmates.

We ask for justice to all inmates on the DeathRow in the USA. We know that Pres. Bush doesn't care about how many innocent are killed on DeathRow even when shown evidence of the innocent people he let be killed.

We ask for justice for our friends and families on DeathRow, justice, that the President will do something against the violence and the rapes happening day after day in the prisons of the USA.
We know that inmates are not human in the eye of Pres. Bush, but anyway we ask the President to show fairness to USA citizens before he screams about HumanRights in China and other countries. How many Mr. President, how many people have to pay for your job as President with their life?

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The Justice for Inmates on DeathRow petition to President Bush was written by Reiner Stensgaard Goldau and is in the category Human Rights at GoPetition.