#Human Rights
Major General Janaka Perera of Sri Lanka

Dear Friends,

According to a news report published on Monday the June 4, 2001 in LankaPage, Major General Janaka Perera has refused the invitation of several senior ministers of the Sri Lanka Government to be the next overall military commander.

As we all know at this point in time he is the only person who could win the War against the ruthless terrorism which has brought a great deal of pain and misery to masses of innocent people of all ethinicities in our beloved Motherland.

Please sign this Appeal if you agree.

He also can be reached by telephone on (Colombo) 326095


It is essential to have a brave, honest and unselfish leader like you to protect our country at this crucial juncture in our efforts to eradicate this menace of Terrorism from the face of the earth. This has also taken many lives of innocent civilians of all ethinicities in our beloved Motherland.
You have given that leadership, beat and demoralized the terrorists at the most critical time of the war, a year ago. You did not march the soldiers to mine fields, you fought alongside them and took care of the soldiers. Now you have an opportunity to serve the country again with greater effect. We know that we are asking a lot from you, but at this point in time you are the only one who can save our country.
Hence, we the undersigned humbly appeal to you to rethink and reconsider your decision and accept the position of the Overall Commander of the Sri Lankan Army.

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