#Animal Rights
President of the Portuguese Republic Jorge Fernando Branco de Sampaio

Detailed Information in english will follow on http://animal.org.pt. Information in german on http://www.antistierkampf.de


After the legalisation of death bullfights in Portugal (which were forbidden since 1928), the Portuguese animal rights organisation ANIMAL called for an international action of protest, not only against death bullfights in Portugal, but also to demand the end of all sorts of bullfighting in this country.

On the 29th August, when the first bulls will be legally tortured and killed in a bullfight in Portugal, since 1928, demonstrations will be held in front of Portuguese Embassies and Consulates all over the world. In co-operation with several animal rights and animal protection organisations and groups from several countries, ANIMAL has already assured simultaneous demonstrations to be held on that day (besides, of course, in Lisbon), in: Madrid (Spain), Paris (France), Brussels (Belgium), Berlin (Germany), La Hague (Netherlands), London (England), Rome and Milan (Italy), Athens (Greece), New York City and Washington, D.C. (USA), Tel Aviv (Israel), and Budapest (Hungary). And as the hours and days go by, more and more countries are joining in what will probably be one of the greatest global protests for animal rights.

All these demonstrations will occur simultaneously throughout the world, from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. (Greenwich Time).

In front of Portuguese diplomatic representations, activists from all countries will display posters and banners reading, "The World says NO to the barbaric killing of bulls in Portugal!", among others. This slogan will of course be extensive to all the countries in the world where bullfights still happen.

According to a recent survey carried out by the most reliable and the most renowned Portuguese survey company together with one of the main Portuguese daily newspapers, 83.1% of the Portuguese people are against death-bullfights and 74.5% don't like any type of bullfights (DN/Marktest survey, 25/7/2002).

"If the President of Portugal, the Portuguese Government and the Portuguese Members of Parliament choose to ignore the opinion of the great majority of the Portuguese people and choose to ignore the animal rights organisations, both firmly opposed to all sorts of bullfights, it is time for the world to know that Portugal is a living hell, not only for the bulls but for all animals in general", says Miguel Moutinho, from ANIMAL, who is coordinating this international action. "The Portuguese politicians only fear international shame and economic damage. So that is exactly what they are going to face from now onwards, starting with this worldwide protest. Let us hope that the Portuguese Leaders will at least respond positively to this kind of pressure".

For more information, please contact Miguel Moutinho, Mobile phone: +351 962 358 183 | E-mail: miguelmoutinho@netcabo.pt

We, the undersigned, consider every sort of bullfight a barbaric and morally unacceptable activity that ought to be immediately banned. We demand the total ban of bullfights in Portugal.

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