Department of Ageing, Disability & Home Care

Stroke And Disability Information (Hunter) Inc., known as S.A.D.I., originally commenced in 1988 as an advocacy and information service to strokees and their families and was then called Stroke Recovery Hunter Outreach Centre. Acceptance of a government grant required that we drop the Stroke Recovery from our name and include all disabilities. The funding allows us to employ one full-time Coordinator and one part-time Clerical Assistant. The Management Committee is a body of volunteers and we have 2 - 3 volunteers who work in the office as well as a small number of volunteers who work in the community organising localised Stroke Recovery Clubs. Our aim is to provide help and support to ALL people with disabilities, their carers and families, especially strokees. We currently have a clientele of 2000 individuals. Funding is in the order of $55,000/year. Our funding body, Department of Ageing, Disability & Home Care in conjunction with Home and Community Care, is now planning to withdraw funding.

We say, SAVE SADI.

Our funding body Department of Ageing Disability & Home Care is planning to close down Stroke And Disability Information (Hunter) Inc as of 31 January 2003. We have a clientele of 2000 individuals. Funding of $55000pa pays a Coordinator and part-time Clerical Assistant rent telephone stationery and other supplies - none of a luxurious nature. The work done by Volunteers really requires an Assistant Coordinator and a full-time Clerical Assistant. SADI has been accused of using funding for other projects of disobeying instructions of working outside our scope of ignoring official directives not supplying required information and failing a Validation Survey. None of this is true! The truth is that SADI deals with people and situations that require urgent measures to remedy. The OTHER SERVICES supposedly picking up on these problems are referring the clients to US. By adding your signature to our petition you will be helping us at least RETAIN our funding.

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