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Over the past year the quality and standards that we have grown accustomed to have slowly deteriorated in our Bally Total Fitness Health Club in Matteson, Illinois.

We have not had any heat in the upstairs area where the free weights are housed. For over two months loyal members have been compelled to wear tee shirts, sweat shirts, skull caps, and gloves just to start their workout. Besides the lack of heat, the area has several lights that flicker on and off at any give time.

Furthermore, if you are upstairs working out, most likely without a watch on; you will have to go downstairs to the other side to view a clock. The clock that is in sight from upstairs has been stuck on 8:45 for weeks.

The facility removed two free- standing incline benches over six months ago. They have yet to be replaced. The dumb bells are loose and potentially dangerous. There are no weights sizes marked on them; they have worn off over the years and never been repainted.

Other evidence of deterioration includes, but are not limited to:

*The Men’s bathroom has three faucets and one has not worked for an excessive time.
*The whirlpool was broken for over three weeks and was resolved only after repeated calls to the Corporate Office.
* One of the Precore Elliptical machine was out of commission for at lease a month.

We the undersigned, implore the Bally Total Fitness to restore our Health Club to its original state, to
make it a safe and comfortable place to work out. Also, we expect the latest and greatest equipment to workout on that coincides with Bally Total Fitness' reputation for a high quality fitness experience. We contend that resolutions will restore the pride that we all have in being Bally Total Fitness members, suggesting that the Bally Total Fitness members in Matteson , IL are entitled to the same business commitment given to others.
Please HELP.

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