Governor Rod R. Blagojevich of Illinois & The United States Congress
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Sure their intentions are innocent. You turn 16, you get a car, and you get a system. What good is a car to a teenager if it doesn't have a stereo system? When he said "girls dig loud music" Devon spoke for most of the guys in Southern Illinois, cars & music = girls. Safety wouldn't be a concern though, would it? After all, it is only a stereo.

Unfortunately this stereo typically comes with large speakers and an amplifier, neither of which are bolted down. At an average weight of 20 pounds, this is similar to a toddler roaming freely in the vehicle. Safety should be of primary concern when teenagers are involved. Their lacking experience behind the wheel combined with loud music and unrestrained stereo equipment create disastrous consequences in the event of a collision.

Devon would have survived his impact, but he never stood a chance against the large airborne amplifier coming from the rear of the car.
Devon has been a best friend of mine for quite a few years. Over the years we have spent a lot of time together joking and laughing and just being good friends. He always knew how to make me smile, and I could always get a laugh out of him from one of my jokes. I cherish the memories that I have of Devon. With your help we can ensure that other kids won't needlessly lose their life before it has really begun.

I propose a law that would require stereo related objects (i.e. speakers, amplifiers, etc.) be securely bolted in the vehicle's trunk or floorboard. This is especially significant for teenage drivers, as they are easily distracted and should operate a vehicle under only the safest of conditions.

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