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1. Protect the Mortgage interest Deduction

The Mortgage Interest Deduction has been in Minnesota’s tax code since 1933 – that’s over 80 years!

It was inserted into the tax code 20 years after Congress created the Revenue Act of 1913, which provided for a general offset for all interest on indebtedness.

Over the years, the tax code has changed but the Mortgage Interest Deduction has remained a valuable tool to help Minnesotans obtain homeownership. Homeownership helps our communities, our schools and our quality of life. Families purchased homes understanding that the MID was there for them.

Let’s keep the MID promise for years to come.

2. Let Richard Wentz fly his flag

A retired member of the New York City Police Department who helped victims out of the World Trade Center on 9-11 is now at war with his Coral Springs homeowners' association over a commemorative flag.

Richard Wentz has been given 10 days to take down his flag down or face fines and possibly legal action.

"That flag means the world to me. Other than my children, that flag means the world to me," said Wentz.

Wentz lives in the Fairways at Heron Bay. The commemorative flag lists the names of everyone who died on Sept. 11, 2001, and is a replica of the ones placed in Battery Park during the 10th anniversary of the attacks.

"When I received the letter, I actually stood out in front of the house yelling in anger about it," Wentz said.

Wentz, a retired New York City police officer, said he ran into the Tower 1 and started pulling out people before the building collapsed. Wentz said he lost 43 friends and colleagues that day. The inside of his home is a shrine to the friends he lost.

Wentz now has cancer, he said, from breathing in all the particles during the cleanup of Ground Zero.

The letter from the Fairways at Heron Bay association said the flag detracts from the aesthetic harmony of the surrounding properties.He said he was confronted by Patricia Favata, president of the Board of Directors.

"She pushed the issue and said, 'Do we really need to get lawyers involved?' Her demeanor got very nasty," Wentz said.

No one was at Favata's home when Local 10 tried to talk to her.

Several neighbors said they are disgusted.

"He was involved in 9-11, and what he went through, he deserves to have the flag up there. I think it's an honor in our neighborhood to have the flag up," said resident Irene Skulsky.

"That flag doesn't bother me at all and shouldn't be taken down," added another neighbor.

Bill Sugarman, the president of Benchmark Property Management, which represents the association, said he received complaints.

The rules say there can only be one flag per home.

"The only flag that is allowed is an American flag. The problem is he is flying two flags, and until someone changes that there is a problem," Sugarman said.
Wentz refuses to take it down. "I will not take that flag down. That flag will remain up. I don't care how many fines they want to give me, how many notices they want to give me, I refuse to take that down," Wentz said.
The American Civil Liberties Union weighed in, saying that although homeowners associations are constitution-free zones, it has asked the state to limit what associations can do.
"This is an absurd, excessively literal interpretation of the rule. Why anybody would want to enforce that is beyond me," said Howard Simon with the ACLU.

3. Exemption from Local School Tax

The Local School Tax represents a large percentage, often more than half, of the property tax for all New Jersey home owners. This presents a particular hardship on those with limited sources of income who are now faced with severe budgeting problems.

Provide an exemption from Local School Tax for those few who suffer most. The possibilities are shown below for your consideration.

Single, Age 65 & Over, Income Less than $40K, 100% Exemption for Veterans and Disabled

Maried, Age 65 & Over, Income Less than $55K, 100%
Exemption for Veterans and Disabled

Single, Age 65 & Over, Income Less than $30K, 100%
Exemption for Veterans or Disabled

Married, Age 65 & Over, Income Less than $45K, 100%
Exemption for Veterans or Disabled

Single, Age 64 & Under, Income More than $55K, Zero

Married, Age 64 & Under, Income More than $65K, Zero

4. Request a Fence Be Built at 340 Oak Landing Drive

Members of the Homeowner’s Association of Oak Landing:

We would like to point your attention to a pressing issue facing our community. In the last year, multiple neighbors have been plagued by an aggressive canine, loud and obnoxious party-goers, and loud and vulgar language all originating at 340 Oak Landing Drive. Even though some of us may have avoided these unpleasant occurrences, we all suffer from their negative affect upon our neighborhood.

The homeowners at 340 Oak Landing Drive have been contacted numerous times by the Oak Landing HOA with no compliance or regard for their neighbors. This petition seeks a fair and equitable solution to the above mentioned conflicts and strengthens the actions being taken by the Oak Landing HOA.

5. Gate Maintenance a Must in Stetson Hills

The Stetson Hills CC&R's were written towards the aim of protecting our largest investment -- our homes. The Stetson Hills board of directors does not recognize that allowing unfinished wood on the private access gates of the homes in our community to become blackened over time is a detracting element which is negatively impacting our homes' values. Furthermore, the board does not acknowledge nor recognize that this is in violation of the CC&R's, which is the governing document of our association.

Specifically, the CC&R's brought to bear read as follows:

1.27 "Improvement" means: (a) any Residential Unit, building, fence or wall; (b) any swimming pool, tennis court, basketball court, road, driveway, parking area or satellite dish; (c) any trees, plants, shrubs, grass, granite or other landscaping improvements of every type and kind; (d) any statuary, fountain, artistic work, craft work, figurine, ornamentation or embellishment of any type or kind (whether or not affixed to a structure or permanently attached to a Lot or Parcel); and (e) any other structure of any kind or nature.

3.8 Repair of Buildings. No Residential Unit, building, structure or other Improvement on any Lot, Parcel or other property shall be permitted to fall into disrepair and each such Residential Unit, building, structure and other Improvement shall at all times be kept in good condition and repair and adequately painted or otherwise finished.

6. Review Huntcliff Homeowners Association Practises

Our homeowners president has fired our managment company and his hired his own company and has been getting paid. He and the board who consist of his friends voted for this action. Some on the board are in business with him. He has given the landscaping for our subdivision to his company as well and has just asked for more money. This is against our by-laws and covenant.

7. Stop Dog Breeding in our Subdivision

The Martins at 8116 La Fon Avenue, Zelma Fields Subdivision, in Louisville KY are breeding and selling dogs in their residence basement, garage, and privacy-fenced backyard. On multiple occasions, there have been as many as 6 adult dogs and 10-15 puppies in the backyard of this residence.

The backyard is less than ¼-acre lot, which is adverse to the new Louisville Animal Control ordinance restricting a homeowner to have a minimum of ½ acre of property for 3 dogs. This “business” results in unacceptable noise levels and sanitation concerns.

The noise problem has been addressed to the owners by the neighbors with no correction. The situation was also reported to Louisville Animal Control. When Animal Control responded, the dogs were put in the basement before responding to the door. The privacy fence hides the “business” from the street, but not from the neighbors in the adjoining backyards.

Owners of the adjoining properties in the subdivision must deal with noise, odor, and feces run-off from the dog-yard onto our adjoining properties. Clean up has been observed using a water hose with a spray nozzle to breakdown the dog feces in the yard and driveway. The run-off drains onto the adjoining properties. When the dogs are kept in the basement of the home, is cleanup of the dog breeding area washed into the city sewage and drainage system?

8. Allow Goats As Pets

Allow goats and chickens to be kept as pets, permitting they are not roosters. Goats and chickens are a great way to teach kids responsibility, respect, and love for animals. Goats are just like dogs they can be walked and played with and are very loving and gentle.

Goats are less noisy than dogs I know from experience, and cleaner too. Pigs are already accepted in La mesa as pets. Goats and chickens used to be permitted in my neighborhood until it was annexed into the city.

Our chickens are quiet and provide eggs for our family. People should be able to keep a reasonable amount of animals on their private property as long as noise levels are kept within reason and are not a nuisance.

9. Petition to incorporate Hidden Valley Lake, CA

This petition is being created because the people of Hidden Valley Lake, are tired of being bullied by unfair rules and regulations.

10. Grayling Drive To Grayling Court

There has been a long debate about the location of the entrance way to the new condominium complex to be built by Daniels LR Corporation.

This complex will house 100 Residential Units at 233 Duskywing Way and its entry way is situated at the southern end of Grayling Drive.

Grayling Drive curb to curb measures approximately 762cm and Duskywing Way measures approximately 767cm.

Grayling Drive has only one sidewalk on the west side of the street and cannot safely handle the obvious increased traffic from both building trucks and the new homeowners of the condominium complex at 233 Duskywing Way.

11. Ordinance 08-13 in its present format is Unfair to Homeowners

Osceola County is proposing the introduction of a new Ordinance (08-13) which will not allow all landowners in communities to vote or stand for Board of Supervisors.

By only allowing US citizens with Osceola County registered voting access to vote or stand for election under Ordinance 08-13 and denying ALL landowners and full tax payers to vote, Osceola County is discriminating against us and dividing our communities, which will not be run fairly and equitably by and for EVERY landowner.

Indian Creek is 90% STR Homes, we feel as homeowners we should have an adequate voice in all aspects of the neighborhood.

12. Homeowners Protest Mortgage Bailout of Wall Street

It is unconscionable that the Federal Reserve and the Bush administration commit billions of taxpayer dollars to the very institutions who created and profited from the mortgage crisis, while they promote false promises to the millions of homeowners on the verge of foreclosure.

The Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA) representing hundreds of thousands of at-risk homeowners want your support against this taxpayer BAILOUT of Bear Stearns and JPMorgan/Chase that takes the concept of corporate welfare to new heights.

Bear Stearns was instrumental in providing the funding for the largest predatory lenders such as New Century and many others. They were one of the major investment firms that created this homeowner deception scheme by funding unaffordable mortgage products (i.e. defective products), bundling them into securitized mortgage packages, and marketing them to investors world-wide. Moreover, investment bankers including Bear Stearns have paid themselves billions of dollars in bonuses, salaries and other compensation in the furtherance of this scheme.

It is clear that the Federal Reserve and the Administration continue to blame homeowners facing hard financial difficulties in making payments on mortgages that were structured to fail, while using billions of taxpayer dollars to bailout the same predators who created this mortgage crisis and have hugely profited from it. The Federal Reserve’s orchestration of JPMorgan/Chase’s takeover of Bear Stearns with taxpayer dollars is an outrage.

13. Petition Against Proposed Johnston Town Ordinance #2007-16

A petition by Homeowners, Business Owners, Residents, Legal Voters and Taxpayers of the Town of Johnston the proposed Johnston Town Ordinance #2007-16; an ordinance relative to stagnant water as a public nuisance.

14. Carrington Community Mini Barn Approval for Homeowners

The Carrington Home Owners Association by laws currenty state that outside storage such as mini barn are prohibited.

We believe that the homeowners would prefer to have said structures to house lawn and garden eqipment and etc. which in turn would create more room in garages for vehicles.

15. Olde Nott Farm Drainage District

The purpose of this petition is to record the support of the residents of the Olde Nott Farm Homeowners to form a tax drainage district for the purpose of installing underground drainage throughout the Olde Nott Farm community.

The drainage ditches, in places, is unslightly and the homeowners wish for the Clifton Park Town Board to facilitate the creation of the tax drainage district on behalf of the homewners.

16. Prophecy Homeowners Association Combating Crime

We are petitioning for the support of homeowners to investigate and alleviate known ongoing crime issues to safeguard our property and values. Homeowners are charged to become proactive in the safety and security in collaboration with Prophecy’s board of directors, police officials, and county councilman, Tony Knotts.

Crime statistics are at an all time high and we cannot allow this activity to overcome our community.

17. Forest Lake at Bear Creek Entry Sign and Landscaping

Demien Development Incorporated and Gittemeir Homes Incorporated are not meeting their obligation to the Forest Lake at Bear Creek homeowners on several issues and it is negatively impacting our property values.

The entry monuments and signage have not been erected as promised, there is a chain link fence at the entrance to the development which is in direct violoation of the Master Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions of Bear Creek Estates("Covenants and Restrictions") Section B Item 2, the cart path connecting Oak Creek Drive to the existing cart path on the golf course has not been installed, and the empty lots and common areas are not being maintained properly as per Item 11 in Section B of the Covenants and Restrictions.

18. Term-Limitations at The Pines

It seems that in the past, the pines has not been governed in accordance to the by-laws. Decisions have been made where homeowners should have been involved.

Contracts have been signed when even board members were not aware. In order to protect our rights as homeowners it is important that we place term limitations.

19. People for safer schoolchildren - Phelps and Clifton Springs

On Friday December 8, 2006, a Midlakes senior was killed in a fatal car accident. The student, a new driver, lost control of the vehicle and went across the median.

She was then struck by an on coming vehicle going 55 mph. If the vehicle that struck her was going 30 mph or less, the life of that student could have been saved.

20. Petition to Allow Pets in all homes/areas of Old Bridge Village

Statistically proven, pets promote the health and well being of older and retired persons.

They also promote a sense of security.

21. No Parking in Driveway - Mallard Creek Homeowners Association

According to the Covenants as pointed out by Graig Block in his letter dated August 4th, Craig cites that Article 7 Section G points out the parking restrictions. I interpret a different meaning.

Article 7 Section G reads.
“The driveway easement shall be for ingress and egress purposes and no lot owner shall park or allowed to be parked any vehicle or other obstruction within the driveway area, so as to prevent access to other lot or lots which the driveway serves.”

22. River Pointe homeowners appeal Grupe's new 1338sq. ft. plan

Grupe is planning on building a 1338 square foot two car garage home, with a starting sales price in the high 200,000's.

The new plan causes concerns that the home will bring down the exiting property values.

23. Pioneer Park Homeowners' Association Against Major Byrd's Redevelopment

SHA plans to redevelop the Major Byrd area by adding single-family and homeownership units on the site.

These homes are to consist of approx. 20 homes with approx. 7 being rental homes and the remainder homeowners.

24. Replace the B.O.D. at Timbershore

Regarding Timbershore Homeowners Association.

A petition to bring to the attention of homeowners/members that our current board of directors have failed to uphold their fiduciary duties.

1.) lack of communication to homeowners through minutes.

2.) board members serving the board who do not live here nor own property.

3.) do not carry out the duties of the covenants, example: maintain the common areas, homeowner's property.

25. Cole Place Landscaping

April 2, 2006

We, the homeowners of Cole Place, would like the landscaping work promised to us at time of sale.

In addition, we would like all information and accounts of the homeowners association turned over to us, so we can take care of the problems occuring around the neighborhood.

26. Refuse Road Paving of Memory Lakes Estates

Last year the Homeowners Association for the Memory Lakes Estates Area of Wasilla Alaska set forth to try and vote in to have the roads paved. The vote lost. However, this year they are trying to "rig" the vote by breaking the areas up into smaller regions of the neighborhood, so that they don't need as many votes and can push this through more easily.

This is exceptionally unfair to the homeowners in the area, especially since they will be required to pay a minmum of $500.00 for soemthing they don't even want. The associattion has also let the roads detioriate in order to try and force the fact that they need to be paved.

27. Wester Sunset's Current Board of Directors be Dissolved

Strong concerns for the board's effectiveness and dedication for the betterment of the community as a whole.

The resignation of Sean Martin, treasurer, after being presented with misconceptions of an ongoing issue.

28. Deerfield Subdivision Entrance Streetlight

The Deerfield Subdivision entrance at Hickory Ridge Road and Bonnie Valley does not currently have a street light, a lamp post or any type of illumination. This petition's purpose is to gather interest and signatures of the homeowners effected and present our concerns that this absence of light at our entrance is a safety hazard.

This hazard is intensified by the constant speeding along Hickory Ridge Road, our concealed entrance due to hills and valleys adjacent to Bonnie Valley in both directions and the presence of pedistrians, children playing and pet walking.

29. Street Lighting on Salisbury Drive

We the undersigned homeowners / residents of Crown Grant petition Hamlet Homes to install street lighting as per other streets in Crown Grant for safety concerns.

30. Removal of the Board of Directors for the Covington Homeowner's Association

Bentridge at Covington subdivision, Chesney at Covington subdivision, and Lauren Glen at Covington subdivision. This petition reflects the handouts at the annual budget meeting of Novemeber, and the Covington Views newsletters that have been recently handed out.