#Rights as Tenants
Sherwood Forest Mobile Home Owners
United States of America

This petiton is for homeowners at sherwood Forest. As homeowners here that have had to deal with the harrasssment, cusssing at our children, giving up the right to ride your motorcycles as a means of tranportation, told you can not bring home and park company trucks on our own lot, have had to either find someone to take your children to bus stop or you have to walk your children clear up to the front because managment won't let bus come back into park,you have been told you can not have a vehicle parked on your lot because it doesn't run, you have been told you have to get rid of your pet because it's not a lap dog, or any other rediculus thing you have been told by them.

Help to get rid of Joe and Lois as Managmnet at Sherwood Forest MHC.

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