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Memory Lakes Estates Assoc
United States of America

Last year the Homeowners Association for the Memory Lakes Estates Area of Wasilla Alaska set forth to try and vote in to have the roads paved. The vote lost. However, this year they are trying to "rig" the vote by breaking the areas up into smaller regions of the neighborhood, so that they don't need as many votes and can push this through more easily.

This is exceptionally unfair to the homeowners in the area, especially since they will be required to pay a minmum of $500.00 for soemthing they don't even want. The associattion has also let the roads detioriate in order to try and force the fact that they need to be paved.

I am against the proposed paving of areas in the Memory Lakes Estate neighborhood. I feel this is unfair to break the sub-division into smaller areas to manipulate the vote to the Association's favor. I do not support this and I will not pay $500 or more for paved roads in the area.

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