#Neighborhood Living
Deerfield Subdivison Homeowners, Lebanon, Tennessee
United States of America

The Deerfield Subdivision entrance at Hickory Ridge Road and Bonnie Valley does not currently have a street light, a lamp post or any type of illumination. This petition's purpose is to gather interest and signatures of the homeowners effected and present our concerns that this absence of light at our entrance is a safety hazard.

This hazard is intensified by the constant speeding along Hickory Ridge Road, our concealed entrance due to hills and valleys adjacent to Bonnie Valley in both directions and the presence of pedistrians, children playing and pet walking.

If you agree that our city and county should examine our subdivision entrance for a city or county paid light fixture, please sign below.

Please print your name, address and a phone number that you may be reached for further comment regarding this issue.

Thank you for your time and concern for the safety of our neighborhood.

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