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I received these excerpts from a CCHoA BOD e-mail on July 18th. The BOD will soon destroy the members e-mail notification system:

"...District Judge Jeanne Meurer ordered: that Defendants must produce for inspection and copying upon a request by a member of the CCHoA, the list of e-mail addresses of the members of the CCHoA used for communication of CCHoA business as it exists 10 days after the entry of this order and thereafter (July 26, 2003, and thereafter)."

"...the Board has decided to ask all whose addresses are on the e-mail list to ascertain whether they want their e-mail addresses made available to any member of the Association upon request. In order to determine the homeowners' preference, the Board has elected to delete all e-mail addresses UNLESS specifically directed by a homeowner to retain a homeowner's e-mail address on the official list. If you want your e-mail address to remain on the list, please so advise the writer by return e-mail. Otherwise, your address will be deleted from the list.

...the Board will likely produce and distribute monthly to each home a paper newsletter containing all of the pertinent information previously contained in "blast e-mails" to our neighbors. Sincerely, CCHoA Board of Directors"

By my signature below I certify
that I am a member in good
standing of the Circle C
Homeowners Association, Inc.

The CCHoA BOD should not
delete all e-mail addresses, and
in turn destroy the members e-
mail notification system. It's an
inexpensive and valuable
resource to all members of the
CCHoA and should not be
eradicated. The additional costs
of the printing and delivery of a
paper newsletter to all Circle C
homes every month is
unacceptable. Frequent,
automated phone message
notifications and other
annoyances are costly and also
unacceptable. Our e-mail
notification system needs to be
kept, to keep our dues from rising

Instead, I ask the CCHoA BOD to
change its policy and delete only
those e-mail addresses of
individuals who ask to be deleted
from the list. Keep the CCHoA
email notification system.

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