The History Channel and A&E Networks
United States of America

We the undersigned do strongly believe that the History Channel(TM) and A&E(TM) Cable Networks have betrayed the trust of Civil War Living Historians in the February 19th airing on the History Channel of "The Unfinished Civil War."

We believe that Civil War Reenactors and Living Historians were grossly misrepresented and used as unwitting pawns in the South Carolina Confederate Flag Debate. The History Channel absurdly represents the reenacting community as being entirely composed of obese, racist, traitorous, uniformed, flag-waving malcontents with little regard for real history. In the "Unfinished Civil War" The History Channel has chosen to rewrite history rather then report it.

We the undersigned are resolved to:
A) Boycott any advertiser who chooses to place their commercial spots during any airing of "The Unfinished Civil War."
B) Boycott the purchase of all items promoted by The History Channel or A&E Networks which might include but are not limited to videos, magazines, books, CDs.
C) Boycott participation in any film projects related to the History Channel or A&E Networks.
D) Boycott viewing any further History Channel or A&E network programs.

These boycotts will remain in affect until the History Channel issues a public apology to the Civil War Reenactment & Living History Community AS WELL AS ceases to air the "Unfinished Civil War" in whole and in part.

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