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The USS America Museum Foundation is dedicated to all patriotic Americans and especially to all the men and women that have served proudly in the United States armed forces. A special thanks goes out to the sailors who served on the USS America, throughout her glorious 31 years of service to the greatest nation in the world.

The USS America helped preserve the rights and freedoms all citizens of the United States enjoy. The foundation is dedicated toward preserving the USS America and its long and proud history. The foundation is actively petitioning Congressmen and Senators and the Department of Defense to donate the USS America to the foundation for preservation as a living museum. This will give all Americans the ability to visit and walk through the greatest aircraft carrier to ever sail the seas. The Foundation is actively trying to acquire a port for the use of the USS America. However, the Foundation has recently run in to some problems with acquiring the USS America itself. The DOD has decided instead of allowing the Foundation to use the ship as a living museum, to sell her for scrap.

Please join the Foundation in writing your Congressmen and Senators, letting them know that you think this beautiful ship would serve this nation better as a living museum instead of scrap metal. If the Foundation cannot acquire the ship it will still actively try and preserve as much of the ship and its history as possible. It will try to obtain at least one aircraft of each type that served on the ship and as much other unique items that were on the ship.

Below is a list of true American tax paying citizens who are respectfully petitioning the government of the United States of America to cease and desist in the destruction of the United States Ship America CVA-66.

We are also petitioning to preserve the USS America as a Museum/Educational facility and a national landmark. The USS America is the first capital military ship to represent the United States Navy and symbolically has bared the name of our great nation and has been America's flag ship for 31 years.

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