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1. Stop the plastic “reusable bags" in Hawaii

On July 1 2015, the country applauded Hawaii for being the first state in the country to enforce a plastic bag ban.

The next day, some shoppers in the City and County of Honolulu — where nearly 70 percent of the state’s population lives — were given free “reusable bags,” like the one on picture, at checkout

If it looks like the bag is made of plastic, that’s because it is. And, according to experts, these thicker, “reusable” bags are actually worse for the environment than the flimsy, single-use bags used before the ban.

The City and County of Honolulu’s law allows “reusable bags” as an exception to the ban, defining them as “a bag with handles that is specifically designed and manufactured for multiple reuse” and is made of durable materials, “including plastic that is at least 2.25 mils thick.”

Plastic in general is produced out of the raw material of oil. So if they're producing a thicker material versus a thinner, naturally, it’s going to take more of that resource than it did when they were making the thinner bags.

They were trying to target the most wasteful of all: plastic bags, but we need to redefine the term ‘reusable bag’ [in the ordinance] so that it does not include plastic.

2. Support the Hawaii Lifeguards

In 2007, the Hawaii Legislature passed Act 170 which provided Lifeguards with limited liability protection for county lifeguards and counties providing lifeguard services on beaches or in the ocean. This is currently set to sunset on June 30, 2017. Senate Bill 562 seeks to make this permanent. Many groups provided testimony in support of making this protection permanent; the Attorney General's office, the Counties, the Fire Departments, Lifeguard Associations, and many individuals.
The ONLY group testifying against it is an association of civil litigation attorneys, who would benefit from removal of this protection. The House Judiciary committee removed ALL protections for lifeguards in the last version of the bill.
In the current 2017 legislative session, both the Senate and the House recognized and commended all County Lifeguards for their hard work and dedication to the safety of Hawaii's residents and its visitors. However, with this last change to Senate Bill 562, the legislature is now threatening to remove their limited liability protection in favor of civil litigation attorneys who would then sue our lifeguards.
We now need your support to show the legislature that protecting our lifeguards is MORE important than allowing these lawyers to sue our lifeguards, (who selflessly put themselves at risk to save others). Please join this petition and SUPPORT the permanent establishment of limited liability protection for all county lifeguards and counties providing lifeguard services in the State of Hawaii!


State of Hawaii Office of Elections:
802 Lehua Avenue
Pearl City, Hawaii 96782

Green Party of Hawaii
Attn: Julie Jacobson Co-Chair PO Box 900,
Kurtistown, HI 96760

Green Party of Hawaii
Attn: Mark Van Doren Co-Chair PO Box 943
Kurtistown, HI 96760

Green Party of the United States
PO Box 75075,
Washington, DC 20013

*Persons who select to Sing for Presidential Campaign in addition to the Governor Campaign: Those signatures will also be sent to:
Federal Election Commission
999 E Street, NW
Washington, DC 20463

Please Review Brandon's Full Platform for his Governor and Presidential Race on his website: under the "More" Tab on the homescreen Please select: PLATFORM POTUS or PLATFORM GOVERNOR

Brandon Evans stands with the State of Hawaii and Supports the following:
-Reforestation Act of our Decimated Rainforest
-Protecting our Surf and Stopping Sea Wall Buildings
-Infrastructure Rejuvenation Plan
-Green Power Conversion Plan
-Removal of State Employment tax via:
-Legalization and Taxation of Recreational Marijuana
-Legalization of Gambling

In order to gain the nomination for the Governor race Brandon needs 5% of the vote to pledge to vote for him. =35k Signatures.
In order to gain the nomination for the Presidential race with federal funding and guaranteed ballot access in all 50 states Brandon needs exactly 88ok pledges.

Please sign and share today. Than make a donation and show your pride with your choice of multiple promotional items on his website in the "Shop" which you can find under the "more" tab on the homepage.

Thank You For Your Support.
Brandon Evans

PLEASE NOTE: This Petition MUST BE SIGNED BY LEGAL HAWAII RESIDENTS ONLY. (Only applies to Hawaii Governor Race Petition) If you Support Brandon Evans's Presidential Campaign Please State So in the Optional Comment Box on this Petition if you choose to do so you do not have to sign the other petition. Limit 1 signature per registered voter/citizen/resident.

4. Please Keep Transfer-Level Linguistics Courses at Hawaii Community College

Our hope is that transfer-level Linguistics courses will continue to be taught at Hawaii Community College in order to meet the educational needs of HCC students.

5. Reopen Box Car Track in Kunia

Following the sudden closure of the box car track in February 2015, we seek the reopening of this community treasure.

The government and city should be doing everything in its power to support the reopening of the box car track under new management.

6. Support Matthew Brittain for operating Medical Marijuana Dispensary, Hilo Hawaii

In April, 2016, the Hawaii Department of Health will issue two licenses for the operation of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries and Greenhouses on the Big Island of Hawaii. Support for Matthew Brittain in obtaining one of these licenses will assure Medical Marijuana patients on Hawaii Island safe and reliable access to high quality medicine.

Here are some of Mr. Brittain’s qualifications:

Matthew Brittain has demonstrated long-standing commitment to Hawaii’s legalization of Medical Marijuana (MUM). In addition to thorough understanding of MUM legal requirements and protocols, Matthew has facilitated State certification of thousands of patients seeking to use and grow their own medication. Many of these patients have been too ill or lacked access to garden space to grow their medicine.

As a respected health care provider with a decades-long track record, Matthew is a trusted expert in the efficacy of marijuana for addressing health issues.

Additionally, Matthew's extensive experience as an avid and skilled Medical Marijuana gardener, specializing in developing potent and productive local strains, uniquely qualifies him to produce high quality and effective medicine for Hawaii Island's patients.

By providing a consistent source of Medical Marijuana, Matthew Brittain will serve our community while consistently supporting local vendors, employing island residents, and supporting our local economy.

Matthew’s devotion to Hawaii ensures that his company, Effective Medicinals, LLC, will serve the highest good of the patients, the aina, and all who live in Hawaii.

7. A'ole TMT

Even though TMT says that some good will come out of this, I disagree. It's stated that TMT will support the local economy by providing funds from the project. But, the fact that a bunch of equipment will be rooted into our mountain tops is what has a big adverse effect.

Once you damage the aina with holes and equipment, it takes twice as long to heal. On another site, it stated that the equipment they will be building is not permanent, and neither is the equipment already built there. But... Exactly how old is that equipment... How long has it already been up there? When is it coming down? I'm sure not anytime soon.... They are trying to tell is what we want to hear, not reality.

TMT, you may think your not going to cause any harm by building and later removing the buildings.... But once you destroy our native land... It can only heal itself... Not rebuild itself.

We urge you to find other places to build your telescopes. This isn't healthy for our aina OR our culture.

8. Keep Wanda Shibata as the Governor's Liaison on Kauai

We would like to suggest that you retain Wanda Shibata as the Governor’s Liaison on Kauai.

She has done a great job as the Liaison for the previous administration and is very much aware of and involved in Kauai’s interests, issues, community, etc.

She is very much a people person and has many contacts on the island.

9. Create a IBJJF Open tournament for Hawaii

As an active Jiu Jitsu competitor, the quality and legitimacy of tournaments is very important in my progression in the sport. It pains me to know that Hawaii has a lot of great Jiu Jitsu athletes that never get to experience an IBJJF tournament, because the cost of flying to the mainland is too much.

I would love to see the Jiu Jitsu competition scene grow here in Hawaii, but I believe that can only happen if Hawaiians get the chance to compete often in an IBJJF tournament. The IBJJF already has events throughout the world, why not bring one to Hawaii?

10. Help Yellow Dog

There is a dog that has been seriously neglected at 180 Ipukula Street, Lahaina, HI 96761 and needs our help. He doesn't always get fed, has to stand regularly in his poop and has only been let out ONCE since Oct. 13, 2012.

Maui Humane Society claims that the owners adore the dog, do everything they can for it but can't allow it in the house or out of it's kennel due to ticks. This is completely false and we are concerned there are other elements to allow this favored conduct towards these neglectful owners. MHS states that the dog is in a large confine that allows him to stand up and turn around which is all that is needed by law.

According to Officer White, the owner is off island regularly so it's not his fault that he can't feed or water the animal but reassured me it is extremely loved and a beautiful dog. This again is so not the case. I have been watching this dog every day since October 13, 2012 when the other dog he was with either died or was removed. This house has a huge transient population and there is absolutely no touch, no talk, no contact with the dog who are very social animals. Other than walking in maniacal circles and barking, yelping, howling and crying non stop, he has no access to anything other than the wired cage and cement floors and sometimes food and water.

Please help us show this dog we care by signing this petition which I will send to media, police, the mayor and anyone else I can think of. MHS-your practices are favored and one sided. You are there to help the abusers and not the abused or neglected and this is not okay. We hope this petition shows you that this dog does matter and genuinely needs help, one that you are denying this dog.

11. CITYPAK Honolulu

We, the undersigned, call on on businesses and local legislators in Hawaii to expand the CITYPAK Project to the City and County of Honolulu.

Founded by Chicago businessman and philanthropist Ron Kaplan in 2012, the CITYPAK Project provides a safe, convenient and versatile backpack uniquely designed to meet the constantly changing needs of the homeless.

The bag will empower the homeless rather than call attention to their circumstances and will not not alienate them or stigmatize their predicament.

Beyond Chicago, CITYPAK aims to expand to other U.S. cities. Last year, Kaplan told the Chicago Sun-Times the project's second phase will include a bag designed for the public where one bag would be given to the homeless for each one sold.

We believe funding this project will positively impact the overall sense of community and well-being in Honolulu. Help us resolve the homeless crisis in Hawaii by bringing CITYPAK to Honolulu. Thank you!

12. Let Shirley Walk

It is not right to let one of the students who was involved in the fight at song practice to graduate and not let the other student walk. It is really unfair.

13. Support First Responders Bill


We humbly request that bill SB883, dubbed the “First Responder Bill”, which will come before the State Legislature in early 2013. If passed, this bill forms a “new bargaining unit” for first responders represented by the HGEA union:

1) Ocean Safety Lifeguards,
2) State Sheriffs,
3) DLNR Officers and
4) Harbor Police Officers.

Since 1970, we have been part of HGEA’s BU3 which primarily caters to clerical workers. There are 600 first responders represented, less than 3% of BU3’s 23,000 membership. As you might imagine, our voices are very quiet in such a large group and our concerns and objectives are different from those of the other 22,400 members.

The bill’s primary benefit is to give our organizations autonomy, similar to city and county’s police and fire. At virtually no cost to the public, this new bargain unit will add a tremendous dynamic to operations, creating a tighter force to protect locals and visitors on Hawaii’s public lands and waters. While the “First Responder Bill” has seen considerable legislative progress recently through endorsement from government agencies, endorsement from the citizens of Hawaii is essential for successful passage.

Should you choose to support this bill, there are several options to express that support. One is to sign any of the petitions circulating the islands- ask at the lifeguard towers. Another is to follow the directions below for 2 online options. And lastly is to physically go to the capital on hearing days and make your opinion known.

HGEA’s First Responders

You may also show support by:

1. Web-based text Testimony: simple and quick
a. Go to
b. Click on the “Submit Testimony” envelope icon – middle of the page
c. Enter the bill number (to be determined)
d. Fill out pertinent information – name, contact and your position: support the measure
e. Use space to write additional comments
f. Send. You will receive a confirmation email to the address you provided.

2. Formal written Testimony: good for organizations, position arguments, longer testimony
a. Draft written testimony in a word processing document/save as a pdf
d. Upload your document to the website
e. Send. You will receive a confirmation email to the address you provided.

14. Ask for Prefix '8' on Hawaiian GE Papaya PLU Code

Biotechnology is credited with saving the Hawaiian papaya industry from the blight of ringspot virus.

Unfortunately, this was done without regard to prevention of 'cross-contamination' from genetically engineered papaya to non-GE papaya.

In fact, some consider it irresponsible to market a genetically modified papaya, and especially without labeling it. Indeed, even Japan does not allow importation of Hawaiian papaya without such labeling.

Therefore, distrust has also arisen in the US and Hawaiian marketplace among consumers who cannot distinguish GMO from non-GMO. The biotechnology industry, on behalf of its marketers, has argued that labeling would convey a negative impression to potential consumers, and has resisted labeling. This has further exacerbated the schism between dubious consumers and the Hawaiian papaya industry.

However, an international standard exists which could help resolve this divide in an inconspicuous way, if adopted by the Hawaii Papaya Industry Association.

We urge HPIA to voluntarily implement the International Federation for Produce Standards' convention for genetically engineered produce, by affixing the numerical prefix '8' to the PLU code for Hawaiian GE papaya. As mentioned, this would be unobtrusive except to the most discriminating shopper, and of course is also acceptable to the Produce Marketing Association.

By implementing this procedure, HPIA could not only show its product pride, but at the same time respect the freedom of choice of all consumers.

15. Allow Bicycles in Lahaina Skatepark

The Lahaina skatepark has recently been constructed with coping and angle iron on all the ledges to make it bicycle friendly. It is one of the 3 public skateparks on maui and is constructed entirly out of cement.

Bicycles and Skateboard have co-existed on maui for many years with skaters and bikers donating countless hours to help maintain and preserve these parks.

16. Stop the Hawaiian Fishing Ban SB1240

The State of Hawaii is currently trying to ban the aquarium fishery which is the most managed near shore fishery in the State.

Science provides up to date fish counts and does not support a total ban. This is an environmental movement against fishing, and against management.

17. Make a 3rd Season for Lilo and Stitch: The Series

Lilo and Stitch: The Series is a television series that started airing in 2003 after the release of Stitch!: The Movie. It is one of Disney's most popular and profitable shows other than Hannah Montana to name a few.

Sadly, Lilo and Stitch: The Series fell victim to Disney's 65-episode rule limiting it to only two seasons and it's cancellation in 2006. We believe that Lilo and Stitch is one of the few family-friendly shows out there these days and the series should continue airing.

18. Kanaka Maoli Descendants of Lanihau I & II, Kamakahonu

Kamakahonu, the-Eye-of-the-Turtle, is the first Capital of the Hawaiian Islands of the Pacific declared so by Kamehameha the Great in 1812. Kamehameha lived upon the lands at Kamakahonu that included the ahupua'a (land divisions from mountain to the sea) of Lanihau I & II.

Today, more than 10 sacred sites remain on these lands along with sacred burials (including a burial identified as 28398).

If you are a descendant of Kamehameha I, 'Umi-a-Liloa, their relatives or of other families who once lived on the lands of Lanihau I & II in Hawaii, please sign this petition.

19. Front Street Lahaina Halloween

Origins/End Result —Halloween grew (in the 70’s) from a couple of costume parties, at local bars after revelers spilled out onto Front Street. More and more came over the years, eventually an amazing 20,000 annually.

Getting Organized — In 1980, The LahainaTown Action Committee (LAC) stepped and supplied port-a-potties, got a permit, closed the street, worked cooperatively with police, sponsored a costume party, and until recent years, ran a tight ship.

Local Businesses Prospered — Enjoying one of their biggest nights of the year, eateries used the extra revenue to tide them over during weak Novembers until the return of holiday visitors. Merchants thought they had a field of dreams: October 31, and they will come.

Halloween Challenged — A group of Native Hawaiians in 2006 challenged LAC sponsorship, saying they objected to parking problems, costumes interpreted as lewd and an alleged increase in crime. In 2008, the Cultural Resources Commission bought the “inappropriate to the culture argument” and denied a street-closing permit for prime time. As a result there was less Sensation for a Front Street Lahaina Halloween. This year there are no planned events and the LAC has pulled their permit.

20. Save Holualoa Bay (Lymans)

Collected 500 signatures & still gathering support. Mahalo Go Petition.

We are opposing construction of a 4 Story, 16 Unit Condominium on our water front of Holualoa Bay. The development is to be called Kona Makaha Condominium projects. We believe that this condominium will cause environmental harm to our fragile ocean eco-system.

It is our desire that the original Lyman property be restored and maintained as to preserve the historic, cultural, aesthetic, environmental heritage of Holualoa Bay.

21. Establish Hilo Hawaii Skate Park

This is a petition to establish the interest in forming a permanent structure in Hilo town for children of all ages to participate in skating activities.

This includes skateboarding, rollerskating, inline skates, and etc,. This structure will consist of ramps, half pipes, flat tracks, and skating street typed structures. Lights will also be installed for later evening events and fundraising community events with performances.

22. Audit The Hawaii DOE

Hawaii State Legislature - 2010 Regular Session - SB2786 - Education - RELATING TO THE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION.

Description: Would require the department of education to establish a searchable budget database website. Requires that the website be made publicly available no later than 07/01/2011.

23. Hawaii Community Stands Ready to Help Offset Impacts of Teacher Furloughs

The decline in Hawaii’s economy and state tax revenues have necessitated corresponding cuts to public programs. There are plenty of unnecessary government programs available to cut.

However, instead of cutting the Department of Education (DoE)’s singularly over‐large central bureaucracy as appropriate, the DoE and the Hawaii State Teachers Association (HSTA), have determined to meet the DoE budget reduction mandate by, in part, furloughing public school teachers for 17 days each year.

The government option has failed and the burden is being thrown onto students, frontline teachers and families. In addition to bearing job losses while having to pay the already increasing taxes that the Hawaii legislature is pursuing, Hawaii families now have to bear the additional financial burden of providing child care or suitable private instruction for their children on the furlough days. Plus, our teachers are out of work for 17 days.

24. Petition to Pass HB444 Relating to Civil Unions

HB 444 HD1 is a bill to enact civil unions in Hawaii extending rights and benefits to same sex couples.

HB 444, Hawaii's Civil Union Bill, does not "take away" the rights of the majority, but extends them to a minority whose relationships and children deserve the same assurances, rights, protections, and opportunities our state is committed to giving all of its citizens.

Time is running out and your support is critical now. There's still time for you to make a difference for the families we value in our hearts, our homes, and our communities.

25. Support SB 62

It is important that everyone, especially our law makers understand that Hawaii's workers comp system is so flawed that there is no quick fix or silver bullet that can repair it. The passage and enactment of SB62 is only a start, but an essential one.

Please show your support and sign this petition.


26. Move Hawaii Medical Marijuana Registration from Department of Public Safety to Department of Health

The registration database of medical marijuana patients in the State of Hawaii is currently located with the Department of Public Safety (DPS), Narcotics Enforcement Division. In July of 2008 the Department of Public Safety released the entire database contents including the names, addresses, grow locations, physicians, and medical condition to a Big Island reporter thereby proving itself unreliable in overseeing this confidential information.

Since medical marijuana is currently illegal under federal regulations and medical marijuana patients live in fear of federal prosecution, it does not make sense that the registration database is in the hands of any form of law enforcement.

Because of the confidential medical contents of the database, the Department of Health should be in charge of this registry.

27. Honolulu Police Department to Adopt Written Medical Marijuana Policy

The Honolulu Police Department does not currently have a concise written policy concerning medical marijuana, which leaves gray areas in the interpretation of the Hawaii Medical Marijuana Law.

The Hawaii County Police Department adopted a written medical marijuana policy which leaves little room for doubt when it comes to medical marijuana, and affords the patients the protection that the medical marijuana law intended.

The Hawaii County Police Department medical marijuana policy can be viewed by visiting their website:

28. Hawaii Law Enforcement Should Not Enforce Federal Laws

Municipal and state law enforcement officers are sworn to uphold Hawaii State Law and not federal law. The Hawaii Medical Marijuana law is in conflict with federal law and confuses law enforcement officers as to which laws they should enforce and uphold.

The California Attorney General issued a statement which alleviated this confusion within California by stating that California Law Enforcement officers were to uphold State Law and local ordinances and not federal law.

Local and state law enforcement officers are hired to enforce local and state laws. Federal laws are not their concern. Only federal law enforcement officers should be enforcing federal laws. For this reason, local and state law enforcement officers should take no part in enforcing federal laws, which include assisting the DEA on their raids of medical cannabis patients.

29. Kaiser Permanente Should Allow Equal Medical Treatment

In the Hawaii Region of Kaiser Permanente, physicians are not allowed to recommend medical marijuana for their patients by regional policy. If the same person were a member of Kaiser in either California or Colorado, their physicians would be able to recommend medical marijuana if they feel it is needed.

In Hawaii, Kaiser members are receiving a different standard of medical care than their counterparts in California and Colorado receive. The members physician that normally treats the patient for their condition is the best person to determine if the patient would benefit from treatments including medical marijuana.

Several studies conducted by Kaiser Permenente themselves have proven the safety and effectiveness of medical marijuana, yet the Hawaii Region members are being treated unfairly and denied access to appropriate medical care.

30. Create Safe Access To Hawaii Medical Cannabis Patients

Hawaii passed the Medical Marijuana law in 2000, but has never set up a safe and legal way for the patients in Hawaii to receive their medication. Medical marijuana patients are required to risk their personal safety by obtaining their medication through the black market.

Acts of violence including the murder of Ken Gorman, a medical marijuana patient in Denver Colorado, and the murders of as many as 19 other legal medical marijuana providers around the country are ever present when patients are forced to grow their medicine in their homes, or visit often-violent street drug dealers to obtain their medication.