Kaiser Permanente - Hawaii Region
United States of America

In the Hawaii Region of Kaiser Permanente, physicians are not allowed to recommend medical marijuana for their patients by regional policy. If the same person were a member of Kaiser in either California or Colorado, their physicians would be able to recommend medical marijuana if they feel it is needed.

In Hawaii, Kaiser members are receiving a different standard of medical care than their counterparts in California and Colorado receive. The members physician that normally treats the patient for their condition is the best person to determine if the patient would benefit from treatments including medical marijuana.

Several studies conducted by Kaiser Permenente themselves have proven the safety and effectiveness of medical marijuana, yet the Hawaii Region members are being treated unfairly and denied access to appropriate medical care.

We the undersigned, call on the Hawaii Region of Kaiser Permanente to change its policy concerning medical marijuana. Kaiser physicians in Hawaii should be given the option of recommending medical marijuana to their patients if they feel it is appropriate for the patient without interference or reprisal from Kaiser Permanente.

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