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County of Hawaii - Department of Parks and Recreation
United States of America

The Kawamoto Pool in Hilo, Hawaii has been out of service for the last 8 months. Prior to needing repair it was running without a heater, year round. This is a pool that is paid for by taxpayer dollars and used very regularly by the people that are in fact paying for it.

The pool is also used by local high schools who train their water polo, swimming, and wrestling teams at the facility and private swimming clubs also use the pool daily. Without a heater the pool is almost dangerous in the winter months when the water tempurature can get down to the low 60's.

Low pool temp and low air temp, coupled with the fact that the pool design doesn't let in sun light contributes to the risk of people becoming hypothermic. Last year I had to have my water polo team wear wetsuit tops just to complete workouts.

We, the undersigned, would like to make it known that we believe the Kawamoto Aquatic Complex in Hilo, Hawaii should be retrofitted with a proper heating system and repaired to working order immediately. Non-compliance with this request is an injustice to all of the tax payers of the State of Hawaii and especially all tax paying residents who use the facility.

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