New Jersey Residents
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North Jersey and South Jersey act so different, and don't care about eachother, so how come we aren't seperate states!

We have North Dakota and South Dakota, North Carolina and South Carolina, we even have West Virginia! I am a strong believer that South Jersey should be its own state, away from North Jersey, I mean hell, we don't even talk the same way, and I have also noticed it a few of my history books from school, North Jersey and South Jersey are shown in different colors and have their own count number when it shows how different states voted for stuff.

As for adding a new star to the flag, no need to worry, Hawaii aways says they welcome people from the states, but then get pissed off when one of us so called 'in landers' decides to move down there. They can be a US territory, but they don't treat us like we're their fellow states, so why should they be a state when they don't like it when we move there.

But then again the Hawaii thing is just a suggestion. It's possible to dump Hawaii so when the change is made, we don't have to mess up our flag.

South Jersey should be a seperate state, and I wanna know who's with me!

We, the undersigned, believe North Jersey and South Jersey should be seperate states.

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