#Residential Disputes
Hawaii Home Land
United States of America

The following petition is being put forth due to the actions that have taken place and are still occurring in present day concerning Keoni and the noise pollution that he has caused and continues to cause day in and day out.

Keoni religiously rides his dirtbike up and down our neighborhood; causing for loud noise clutter, disturbance of the peace, and discomfort throughout the neighborhood. Keoni chooses to patrol up and down the streets of our neighborhood; in which his rides range from all times of the day, even throughout the early hours of the morning.

We are also concerned about the speed that Keoni chooses to ride his dirtbike. We are not only concerned about his own safety, but the safety of our children; who cross our streets, and for our safety as well for when we drive through our neighborhood.

We, the undersigned, are residents against Keoni's noisy and dangerous dirtbike riding.

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