#Human Rights
The Australian Federal Government

Have you ever had your car broken into for a lousy $3.40? Ever found a key scratch down the side of your car which was done by a 14 year old "homie", in a pathetic attempt to impress his homie friends? Or have you had your friends over one night on the beers and woke up in the morning to find your place was trashed?
Well I have.
To combat this happening again I wish to present to the Federal Government of Australia the law "what goes around comes around". This entitles the 'victim' to do onto others what they have had done onto them. For example; If somebody knocks your beer over in the pub and doesn't replace it. It is (1)your 'right' to go over and spill theirs or (2) if they do not have a beer to spill, then you can punish them in an equally punishable manner. i.e Kick them in the balls. (This punishment must be aggreed upon by a third non-partial party).

We the undersigned petition for the law: "What goes around comes around" to rid Australia of the mindless people that have no respect for other peoples rights or posessions.

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