#Human Rights
The Australian Federal Government

The N.T's. Mandatory sentencing laws have become an embarrassment to all of Australia. Since the legislation came into effect, both adults and young people have been incarcerated for petty crimes. A 20-year-old man was sentenced to 90 days jail for stealing just $0.90 from a motor vehicle.

There is no evidence that mandatory sentencing has made people safer in their homes or provided any additional protection for property.
Mandatory Sentencing does however:
Cost the community a lot of money,
lead to an increase in the prison population and an increase in the incarceration of Aboriginal people, women and juveniles. It results in the imprisonment of minor offenders and first time offenders. It takes away discretionary powers from Judges and Magistrates cloging the courts with fewer guilty pleas and increasing technical defenses.

The federal government should over turn these unjust and inhumane laws.

To the Honorable Speaker and the Members of the House of Representatives assembled in Parliament: We the undersigned petition that the House take action to over turn the Northern Territories mandatory sentencing laws in there entirety.

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