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1. Raise $80 for 4 Victorian weekend warriors who can't make it to the polls today

Hi all I'm currently working on this fine Saturday to help my workplace out along with 3 other workers in a cabinet installing business. We thought we could try this out and try raise $80 to pay for our fines for not being able to make it to the polls by 6pm.

Why not give it a go anyway please give a bloke or 3 a chop out :)

2. Demand the Croatian goverment to urgently establish effective Animal Police in each city

The Goverment of Croatia hasn't established real-working Animal Police, so hereby we are DEMANDING from them to establish Animal Police in each City!

Please Sign & ˝Share˝ around!


Claude Duboc is a French citizen being held in an American prison. Who is requesting repatriation back to France based on the 1983 Prisoner Transfer Treaty signed between the Republic of France & the United States.

The treaty states that each country's respective nationals may purge their sentence in their country of nationality. In his case France. He has been turned down three times for the most inane reasons. His 4th application went into Washington, D.C., Department of Justice and its sub division the I.P.T.U. (International Prisoner Transfer Unit) January 31, 2013. The quest is he want to "do" his sentence in a French prison which will save American tax payers $35,000 usd per year (this "35" is the estimated cost of caring for a Federal Inmate by the Bureau of Prisons per year).

Claude is being held in a maximum security federal penetenary for CONSPIRACY to import and distribute marijuana as well as laundering money. He will have served 19 years as of March 24, 2013. Claude has been sentanced to life plus five! He is non violent criminal.

4. Stop the Fiscal Cliff

In the United States, the "fiscal cliff" refers to the economic effects that could result from tax increases, spending cuts and a corresponding reduction in the US budget deficit beginning in 2013 if existing laws remain unchanged.

The deficit—the difference between what the government takes in and what it spends—is projected to be reduced by roughly half in 2013. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that this sharp decrease in the deficit (the fiscal cliff) will likely lead to a mild recession in early 2013.

The laws leading to the fiscal cliff include the expiration of the 2010 Tax Relief Act and planned spending cuts under the Budget Control Act of 2011.

5. Request from Croatian Government to use LTL (Less Than Lethal) weapons

Request from Croatian Government to use LTL (Less Than Lethal) weapons like the Stun Gun, Taser Gun & Stun Granades!

This is a petition asking the Croatian Government & The Croatian Ministry of Internal Affairs to issue ˝Less Than Lethal˝ Weapons to EVERY Police Officer due to security concerns!

6. Call to abolish the Irish TV Licence

This Petition is setup to abolish the need to have a TV licence in Ireland. The idea of a TV Licence is to create a government fund which will produce grants to fund our national broadcasting station so it will be broadcasted freely for the citizens of that country.

Ireland's national broadcasting station is RTÉ, unlike some UK television stations (BBC1 & 2), RTÉ shows advertisements during the broadcasting of its shows, these advertisements fund the running of the station and broadcasting.

This means that there is no need for these grants which ultimately end up paying presenters wages of circa €1m per year, this is just another way of the Irish Government needlessly taxing the Irish people.

7. Legalize Marijuana

Many Australians have desided that the time has come for marijuana to no longer be listed as a illegal substance. The Longer marijuana is kept illegal the more money go's into the hands of violent gangs which then use that money to buy and make dangerous and life threatening drugs.

Legalizing marijuana will not mean that the Australian Government has lost the war on drugs, it will simply mean that the Australian Goverment has realized that their time, and our money can be better used to fighting the war on real drugs, the ones that do ruin lives.

Stand up Australia and let your voices be heard, It's time for Australia to make a giant leap into improving our future.

8. Protect workers' compensation for frontline emergency service professionals in NSW

The NSW Goverment is changing WorkCover There are a couple of major changes that affect paramedics. Firstly we are not covered for any accidents that occur when we are going to work.. As paramedics often are on-call, we would drive to work more often and be exposed more to the dangers/risks of doing so.

Announcement of the amendment: See here.

Secondly and most importantly compensation payments for injuries that occur in the workplace will reduce over time to almost nothing in a five year period. Paramedics are exposed to more risks and greater consequences of those risks. For example traffic collisions, assaults, and many mental issues such as Post traumatic stress disorder. If something happens to YOU that makes it impossible to work as a paramedic again, due to these new laws your compensation payments will decrease to around $400 a week in 12 weeks and to nothing in five years. We are the generation of degree qualified paramedics, we need protection if something goes wrong at work as we have limited back up options.

Thanks to having a useless Heath Services Union we have not gained exemption from these changes. Only police officers and mining workers (of course, which industry pays into the NSW government in 'political donations') are exempt from these changes. Its not a fight for who deserves proper workers compensation, all individuals that place their livelihood on the line for others deserve to be protected when something goes wrong. Fire Rescue NSW is in the process of planning industrial action because this issue is so serious, paramedics unfortunately do not have as strong of a union as the Fire Brigade do :( If police are exempt why aren't firefighters and paramedics?

Check out the article and write to your local state MP. It's our future career and our rights are disappearing before we start. Please also sign this petition leaving your university/training providers name in the short comment.

9. Coastline Cycleway

There is fantastic potential for a 20-mile seafront cycleway from Folkestone Harbour to Dungeness, a high grade recreational facility for visitors and residents alike that will boost health, tourism, transportation and the Shepway economy.

Like the safe and scenic coastal cycleways of North Kent and Nord Pas de Calais, a dedicated cycleway from Folkestone to Dungeness would put Shepway back on the tourist map - a destination attraction for cyclists, be they long distance riders or a family with bikes on a day-trip from London.

The Folkestone-Dungeness Cycleway is the ambition of Damian Collins, MP for Folkestone and Hythe. The campaign for its realisation is headed by Cycle Shepway, the pressure group for better cycling that must lobby, cajole and propel our authorities into coordinated action.

This petition will be presented to Shepway District Council, Kent County Council, the Environment Agency, the Ministry of Defence and other interested parties such as town and parish councils.

10. REDUCE Food Truck Regulations in West Palm Beach

The City of West Palm Beach, Florida currently restricts all Mobile Food Vendors from operating in a zone they have designated as Downtown (from Palm Beach Lakes Blvd to Okeechobee Blvd and Flagler Dr to Australian Ave).

The City of West Palm Beach also restricts Mobile Food Vendors from operating closer than one block in proximity to each other, without a special event permit. The current cost for a special event permit is, $50 non-refundable application fee and a minimum of $500 per occasion.

The City of West Palm Beach is currently searching for ADDITIONAL regulations to be placed on mobile food vendors. Ideas such as, having all vendors park in a central location for a tourist attraction and restricting proximity to existing businesses are being proposed.

11. Fair chances on apprenticeships

Majority of young people who are out of work apply for apprenticeships. Currently in my town there are many apprenticeships although I've apply for many and still seem to get nothing out of the interview.

Apprenticeships are supposed to be helping young people like myself although its just like a normal job in the UK only the best get the job and now its the same for apprenticeships only the ones with the grades get the chance. Like myself I have loads of experience but the interviewers were only interested at grades and levels which at the time I did not have certificates to prove my grades due me just finishing school and not receiving the certificate till August 2011.

For example I live in my own flat at 17 with barely any money, living on money from social services which is very difficult to live on, but I do not want to be on benefits in the future or now I would like an opportunity to have a job and not be sat at home doing nothing.

12. Help the sick and injured in Canada

We want to change the laws in parliament. If a person is forced to leave work due to illness or injury they only get unemployment sick benefits for 15 weeks, yet if a person quits for the right reason they get up to 50 weeks unemployment benefits.

It takes Canada Pension Plan over four months to decide on whether or not a person is even eligible for C.P.P. Unemployment benefits should continue at least until C.P.P has made a decision.

13. Basics for all children entering state care and support for carers

we believe all children entering care for what ever reason should have access to crisis care packages which contain basics for the child in the initial 24-72 Hours.

Foster carers often tell us they receive kids at short notice or late at night when shopping is not possible, also was a child in care and know first hand how little these kids have and how much red tape must be overcome to simply access funds to purchase such items for the child.

We are happy to provide these packs free to the children , But NSW DOCS have said they are un needed as they provide everything they refereed to another organisation they fund, however the child must join this org, must pay a fee and it can take months to access it does not meet their needs during crisis.

14. Stop National Persecution through rising costs due to Bank Mislending and poor Government regulation

To date the current Government has raised petrol prices, increase the cost of living for everyone, increased VAT during the hardest economical times for its people in decades, Stood by and allowed energy companies to have free reign over their unjustifiable prices, benefited illegally from expenses and have never been brought to justice and continue to expect the hard working people of Britain to accept the terms and bail them out.

Banks, Petrol companies, Energy companies all register mass profit - why are they not being held accountable and we are? It cannot be ignored any more as soon this country's people will have no homes, no rights and no money as the greed of these establishments knows no bounds,

15. The NEW Fathers for Justice

This is a petition to help the father's out there being singled out of their children's life's by the British Court System. The Government has done nothing to help the father's and their children.

The court system stays one sided and the father's and their children are separated because the court system says so. It is never about what's best for the children it is about how to take the children's father down. This has to stop father's have just as much love and care for their children as mother's do. We need to do something to help the fathers in the UK get their rights with their children and their life's !

This petition is for all those who are great father's and deserve equal rights. In many cases it is not just the mother that is needed. A father that is caring and loving just as the mother deserve EQUAL rights to their children !!!

I am planning on taking this as far as I possibly can until there is no where to go and right now I believe our government in the UK and Canada and the States all over the world really don't see the whole picture for the father's except for them to be the one to nail in a court room even when they did nothing to deserve it except love their children !!! This has to stop !!!

Please if everyone would kindly send this to everyone you can to help our fathers and their children get what they so much deserve.. Thanks everyone that signs this petition and for your caring and love for everyone we are fighting for !!

Mission Statement
New Fathers 4 Justice is administered by a group of former F4J members who have all been involved in some form of direct action. We will actively help, support, encourage and publicize non violent direct action in the name of fathers rights. We believe that direct action is the only way to keep the pressure on the Government, CMEC, Family Law system and those that support them to force a change.We will uphold the ethos of the original F4J.

This will be done by using the tragic comedy style in an ever changing methods of direct action and protest. We hope to carry on where F4J left off.
Please note that we can not offer support or personal advice but will attempt to offer help whenever possible based on our experiences of these governmental structures. Now that awareness has been achieved, interest, desire and ultimately action are now our goals

1) To build a culture of the "family unit" and promote that two parents are better than one.
2) To promote that every child needs a daddy.
3) To promote that it is bad parenting to alienate a child from their daddy.
4) To promote that it is child abuse to stop contact with the father.
5) To promote that society needs dads as well as mums. We all matter.

What We Want - Two Measures Of Reform
1) Open Courts -
To be brought in line with the crown and magistrates courts. This will prevent corruption, biasness and implement a culture of accountability to the judiciary.

2) An Automatic Presumption Of Equal Contact When Parents Split. -
To have equality, will mean that both parents will have equal parity over seeing their children. Naturally, this will be in the best interests of the child.

16. Keep Lord's Prayer in Queen's Park

The Government's taken the Lord's Prayer & Bible out of our schools and now look at our schools, what do you see? Guns, violence & crime.

Now they want to take it out of our legislature. God help this province and nation.

17. Northern Cyprus to be a Recognised Country

Why is it that Northern Cyprus is one of the most in demand countries in Europe in regards to properties, holidays and living. But the countries around the world still refuse to recognise North Cyprus as a country.

Still stopping Northern Cyprus from expressing, selling or buying on the common market.

18. More goverment action to stop global warming

Over the years our government has promised to help stop global warming, but they haven't seemed to do anything. They need to do somthing now.

19. Homeless Petition for REAL AID

WE THE HOMELESS OF AMERICA, seek justice and reform in social service programs and grants offered up by the government which are currently involved within the issue of the Homeless. We seek also reform within criminalization of those without homes, those who are staying in cars because of lack of housing, lack of money and or money not being used to obtain real homes for those on the street so that they can get a real start again in America.

The Homeless are forced into the street, are being told when there is no shelter programs available that they can not go into parks and or stop anywhere on the street without criminalization.

Because they get no money and are afforded nothing within the same measure as United State Programs allow those from foreign nations we are seeking that a special investigative panel be appointed to investigate allegations of fraud mishandling of state and federal grants and also place more money into housing aid and financial assistance without bias, and or creating criminalization via identifying those on the streets which has make homelessness a label to criminalize instead of offering real assistance.



21. Reform UK Justice & Goverment system

Here is a link to a web-site that sparked off many views and opinions and many that seem to agree. It was regarding: Should life mean life for Huntley?

This man and many others like him have destroyed the lives of poor innocent young children with their whole lives ahead of them, and they ask this question in the event of possibly freeing him.

Please copy and paste into your web browser window have a read to get an understanding of the opinions of people within the UK.

22. End Illegal Immigration from Mexico and elsewhere

Illegal immigration causes substantial harm to American citizens and legal immigrants, particularly those in the most vulnerable sectors of our population--the poor, minorities, and children.

Let's Stop Bush from reviving a bid to legalize illegal aliens -

Immigration Report Online -

23. More government support for Boy Scouts of America

July 12, 2006

In this petition it is clear that I want to bring back the goverment's influence on the Boy Scouts of America.

At the end of the last Boy Scouts Jamboree marking a 100 years of Boy Scouts, the Scouting organization was in formed that the U.S. Army National Guard would no longer be able to help run the event in future years due to the seperation of god and state. Thats a bunch of bull!

I am a boyscout at the age of 15 and would like to see the goverment's influence in the up coming jamborees because 1, they have been doing it through the years and 2nd, because they supply a lot of the supplies to make it happen so i would like to see them come back to help once again.

Thank you for your understanding.




Name Comments
219 Curt I get disability and it took over a year to get then medicaid wouldnt cover the hospital bills more than 90 days back leaving me screwed drowning in medical bills.
218 Adrienne Smith It is hard enough to get disability and has taken me two yrs to get before a judge. Now you want to change everything that people on disabiity need. We are still people. Most of us have worked very hard in our lives, and no one asked to get sick or disabled in anyway. Some day I would hope to re-marry, however, it seems that you are forcing people to live together instead of the instiution of marriage which is sacred. We can not lose money because we want to marry and live some kind of life. Please do no go through with any kind of "taking away from the disabled people of the United States". Our goverment seems more concerned with giving money to people in other countries than taking care of the born and raised US citizians.
Adrienne Smith
217 Wendy Gantos I am a disabled attorney and cannot practice due to my disability. I had to wait 2 years for my employer to give me long term disability. During that time, I tried to get food stamps, and the process was so ridiculously long and hard, I never got them! Now if an attorney can't figure out the system, how can the rest of the country figure it out. I live now on disability and my bills are way more than my income every month. I can't even afford to pay my student loans. Great country, huh?
216 Ron Bones My wife is on ssi&ssd,I'm a disabled Vet with only 30% and we barely get through the month. food stamps only go so far when what you get isn't even half of what a single friend gets because she lives in a different part of the State. Tehy need to get the system worked out so that everything is equal. But I doubt we'llsee it soon. You know the old saying: SURE YOU CAN TRUST OUR GOVERMENT...JUST ASK ANY NATIVE AMERICAN!
215 Liz DeWitt Please, do not abolish social security. We need it.
214 Katherine M. Aaron Please support the disabled in this country. They already have to jump through hoops just to be approved and it certainly causes financial hardship on a family that are unecessary.
213 Joyce A Spencer People who marry they have disabilities. They end up losing some money. How in this country can they live could.When they pay more out of there checks every month.People should not have money taken away from them.Just because they marry.
212 rita stafford-bones Execellent point
211 Sophie D.
210 Teddy G. Bryant How far will this govt. go to be out of control and to take away benefits taxpayers have paid the govt., and to which they have the right?
209 Kathy Rogers I'm the mother of a disabled young adult. Our people in the US should taken care of before others. Forcing people to live alone or divorce a spouse to receive benefits is inhumane.
208 John Davis Remember Tim Cratchett? (Dickens-A Christmas Carol) You don't really want to see a nation of them do you? Give us the tools to maintain our dignity and ability to still be productive citizens!
207 Jacqueline McVicar What happened to taking care of our own? Shouldn't citizens of the United States receive aide before any other country?
206 Mike Pearson We can afford WAR , but we can't afford those with diabilities. and we say we are a Christian Nation???
205 Joanne D. Ferguson This is so important!
204 Dixie Boyd I am on disability. I cannot get glasses. I cannot get dental. I don't have transportation. If I marry I will loose my own benefits... WHAT KIND OF COUNTRY IS THIS?
203 Mary Runyon The disabled in this country deserve so much better and humane treatment.
202 Adriana Lortia
200 Paul Manning
199 Priscilla Peters It seems to me That the Government makes it almost impossible for people to be Married...Please Help Us
198 Debi Koscielski My goverment supports & pushes its religious beliefs on me by promoting marrage & its religious right, yet punishes me by taking my disability when I comply. YOU CAN'T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS!
197 Barry Berger
196 Diane Grugan-Duvall I am the mother of a child with a disability.
195 Laurie Furlong I am the parent of a young adult with disabilities and I volunteer working with disabled. I support reform of the marriage penalty to SSI recipients.


25. Stop canadian politicians from switching parties at will

This petition is to try and get the goverment of Canada to make a law stopping politicians from switching parties after they were elected on a different party platform.

Please include name, address and phone number otherwise the goverment of canada will not recognize this petition as valid. Thanks.


ABORTION IS NOT WRONG!!! you are not killing a person. it is a fetus! not a fully developed person. abortion is 100% eithical and right.

If a woman is not fit to take care of a baby and does not want to put htis baby up for adoption because some of the kids that get put up for adoption never get adopted she has 100% her choice to abort the fetus.

What about for women who are raped? or in cases of incest? these women do not wnat their babies

Would you rather have a child brought into the world where it is unwanted and it's mother probably isn't prepared to take care of a child? No its just silly - it is not the goverment's choice or any of your orginization choices. It's the mother's choice.

You dont have to get an abortion if you dont want to but it is compeltely ethical and necsssary.

27. Stop the Macedonian Genocide

The United Nation isn't doing anything to stop the goverment of Macedonia that is commiting Genocide which takes the lives of thousands of people.

28. Stop acknowledging Socialism as a form of goverment

Socialism has come about because a few people not in touch with reality think the world can be totally peaceful if we become a one world order, have no use for currency, everyone gets the same amount of everything, people work for humanity instead of money, and are totally against war and death. Granted this is a list of a few things that the world socialist movement has planned, it's still enough to put me up in arms.

The Socialists believe that if the world is one nation there won't be segregation or hate between people. They don't realize we will always have segregation even if not forced as it is the way it has always been. We as humans instinctly group with the people who we fit in with and no matter how much they wish everyone could get along, it just won't happen. A socialist world would only work if everyone thought and acted the same, which we don't. We all have different opinions on what is right and wrong and thus we do not think alike but in some common ways.

In a socialist world we would have to ban religion, sports, television, movies, art, music, and opinions in general. I brought this point up with a socialist once and he said that was stupid and absurd and that there would be no reason to do such a thing. Let me tell you, I am from Gainesville, Florida home of the Florida Gators and our rival is Florida State. When the two teams play eachother the fans become like soldiers with their team being the general.

The same applies for everything and thus hatred is born. It is IMPOSSIBLE to live in a nation without segregation, hate, and death no matter how much you would like to think differently.

As I also mentioned they think everyone should be given the same amount of personal belongings as the next person and health care should be given to everyone. Granted I agree with the latter statement I also realize that if we have six and a half billion healthy people walking around this world and no one dies off, the next generation is going to be huge and the following generation will be larger and keep in mind you still have the original six and a half billion people on the planet too. The world would fill up fast. The socialist solution to this is to move to other planets. Yeah great so we destroy the galaxy so we can keep growing in numbers instead of moderating our birth habits.

The socialists like to think they have the problems of the world solved but the fact is their method is just as destructive and they don't even realize it. So I ask that we stop acknowledging Socialism as a form of goverment as all it is is a sublime. It's a beautiful idea but deadly at the same time and just not practical. Please sign this petition to end the socialist movement.