#Human Rights
The United States Government, and Anti-Abortion Associations

ABORTION IS NOT WRONG!!! you are not killing a person. it is a fetus! not a fully developed person. abortion is 100% eithical and right.

If a woman is not fit to take care of a baby and does not want to put htis baby up for adoption because some of the kids that get put up for adoption never get adopted she has 100% her choice to abort the fetus.

What about for women who are raped? or in cases of incest? these women do not wnat their babies

Would you rather have a child brought into the world where it is unwanted and it's mother probably isn't prepared to take care of a child? No its just silly - it is not the goverment's choice or any of your orginization choices. It's the mother's choice.

You dont have to get an abortion if you dont want to but it is compeltely ethical and necsssary.

The following people agree that abortion is a rightful thing to do, and that the goverment has no right to make abortions illegal. The follow people also agree that abortion is not murder and is a descision of the mother.

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