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Socialism has come about because a few people not in touch with reality think the world can be totally peaceful if we become a one world order, have no use for currency, everyone gets the same amount of everything, people work for humanity instead of money, and are totally against war and death. Granted this is a list of a few things that the world socialist movement has planned, it's still enough to put me up in arms.

The Socialists believe that if the world is one nation there won't be segregation or hate between people. They don't realize we will always have segregation even if not forced as it is the way it has always been. We as humans instinctly group with the people who we fit in with and no matter how much they wish everyone could get along, it just won't happen. A socialist world would only work if everyone thought and acted the same, which we don't. We all have different opinions on what is right and wrong and thus we do not think alike but in some common ways.

In a socialist world we would have to ban religion, sports, television, movies, art, music, and opinions in general. I brought this point up with a socialist once and he said that was stupid and absurd and that there would be no reason to do such a thing. Let me tell you, I am from Gainesville, Florida home of the Florida Gators and our rival is Florida State. When the two teams play eachother the fans become like soldiers with their team being the general.

The same applies for everything and thus hatred is born. It is IMPOSSIBLE to live in a nation without segregation, hate, and death no matter how much you would like to think differently.

As I also mentioned they think everyone should be given the same amount of personal belongings as the next person and health care should be given to everyone. Granted I agree with the latter statement I also realize that if we have six and a half billion healthy people walking around this world and no one dies off, the next generation is going to be huge and the following generation will be larger and keep in mind you still have the original six and a half billion people on the planet too. The world would fill up fast. The socialist solution to this is to move to other planets. Yeah great so we destroy the galaxy so we can keep growing in numbers instead of moderating our birth habits.

The socialists like to think they have the problems of the world solved but the fact is their method is just as destructive and they don't even realize it. So I ask that we stop acknowledging Socialism as a form of goverment as all it is is a sublime. It's a beautiful idea but deadly at the same time and just not practical. Please sign this petition to end the socialist movement.

To the American Goverment, we ask of you to put an end to the socialist party as it is unpractical and dangerous. Socialism is a great idea but bad as it is sloppy in the way it solves problems.

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