#Human Rights
All Organizations, Government Granting Programs, Hud, and Housing Agencies throughout America

WE THE HOMELESS OF AMERICA, seek justice and reform in social service programs and grants offered up by the government which are currently involved within the issue of the Homeless. We seek also reform within criminalization of those without homes, those who are staying in cars because of lack of housing, lack of money and or money not being used to obtain real homes for those on the street so that they can get a real start again in America.

The Homeless are forced into the street, are being told when there is no shelter programs available that they can not go into parks and or stop anywhere on the street without criminalization.

Because they get no money and are afforded nothing within the same measure as United State Programs allow those from foreign nations we are seeking that a special investigative panel be appointed to investigate allegations of fraud mishandling of state and federal grants and also place more money into housing aid and financial assistance without bias, and or creating criminalization via identifying those on the streets which has make homelessness a label to criminalize instead of offering real assistance.

WE THE PEOPLE UPON SIGNING SEEK THAT CONGRESS WILL ADOPT A BILL; which will allow more money for the poor within the United States, provide on the spot housing, give financial aid until those in this condition are rendered free of their plight.

We also are seeking to reform the EEOC procedures and rules to include and area of discrimination against the homeless in hiring. We want to have a new law in place allowing the homeless rights to employment and remove discrimination based on stereo typing and bias of appearance.

As an American Voter I am signing as a voter to give my vote within this petition to give the homeless the right to the services as expressed within this petition.

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